Friday, December 7, 2007

Bye Bye Microsoft..

After a short tenure of 4 months in Microsoft, we are leaving the place in another 45 minutes.

Though I came in as a replacement, I could really get into the groove in a short time. The efforts produced good results, though were not adequtely appreciated. But I am happy with the 130+ days I spent with this team.

Going back to regular shift is good from health perspective, but I am really gonna miss the pickup cabs, free-yet-wonderful food, excellent facilities and above all , unrestricted net usage.

The assignment also gave some real good friends, none of them the freaky freaky types, and I was one among them in no time.

The work pressure, team meetings, dinner breaks , foosball sessions, team outings - all gonna be remain as fresh memories for a long time.

Thank you one and all...

Monday, November 19, 2007

Doctors on Strike...

Kerala is all set to face one of the most explosive health issue in the last few years. No, this is not a new flavor of Chicken Guniya that I am referring to. The Medical Officers or in other words a large section of the Doctors are almost out of their service as a protest against the government policies regarding their pay scales. When the whole state is still under the influence of the catastrophic fever attack that swept the masses till a few weeks back, this is a double blow on their sinking heads. Even after rounds and rounds of discussions, the two parties still are nowhere near a compromise.

Before anything, I think it is a fact that the Medical Officers in government service are paid very less, compared to their counterparts in Private Healthcare Industry. Also, the salary looks very less if compared with the engineers and other professionals who might have passed out along with the doctors, and are working for national or international firms. And the fact that a young engineering graduate in the IT/Manufacturing/R&D industry with a mere experience of 2 years, will be earning more than a doctor of 20 years experience, is quiet irritating, and often disgusting for many. But may be they tend to forget that the private sector always provide more remuneration than the public sector. Why don’t they compare it with the salary of an engineering college staff, who might have also passed out with them? They must also keep in mind that the private practice that the government has legally allowed is a good option for them to enhance their incomes. I personally know doctors who makes more than 10K a day .But for this, the doctor should excel in his job than his counterparts and hence everyone will not be able to encash this opportunity to their targets.

The recent rush in the private health industry has increased the work scope of our doctors to many folds, and this might have triggered the whole issue to this pace. But all government employees are supposed to work under the Kerala Service Rules, and day to day decisions from the government. Associations are free to express their concerns and protest, but social responsibility entrusted upon them should never be ignored while going to drastic measures. The Medical Colleges, District Hospitals and PHCs are still the only options , thousand in this state have and that should not be passed as unseen. A strike in the Revenue Department or the Animal Husbandry department is not going to cause a big impact in the common man’s life, but that is not the case with doctors. Also, I personally feel that the demands that the doctors have put up are a bit off the border, keeping in mind the salary stack the state maintains from a Municipal Cleaner to the State Chief Secretary.

But from a neutral point of view, I think the biggest asset a Doctor earns in his life time is the good will and status he enjoys in the society. Doctors of USA might be earning a lot more, but they are almost equal to a barber or butcher in the society. Everyone do their duty, and they get paid accordingly. But in India, especially in Kerala, a doctor in a public health institute is respected as a noble human being.

The government should, first of all, acknowledge the concerns of our doctors. They do have a valid point there and all possible steps should be taken to make them remain in their jobs. Absence of 500 doctors from a particular day, is going to cripple this state, literally. The government also should bring new regulations to backup the whole health service, which should include compulsory rural/ government service for Doctors passing out from government medical colleges. They should comprise 50% of the whole Medical Officer strength. So, this in turn will help the other 50% of each batch to move out to their field of choice. Only who are willing to remain in service with available pay may remain. This will avoid these kind of strikes and stand stills.


Both my parents are doctors, but I am proud to say that they are not taking part in this strike program. [Not because they are against salary hike, it’s because they are doctors only by degree and not by profession!]

Tuesday, October 30, 2007


I have plans to revive my malayalam blog.

Lets see how it goes!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Reality (or Unreality?) Shows…..

The television channels of India are busy hunting for new topics which they can transform into reality shows. Many print-online forums are busy discussing the rights and wrongs of this form of entertainment, where the performers present themselves, rather than a character. The term ‘reality show’ holds a significance only for shows like the Big Brother or MTV Roadies where the contestants are supposed to live a life together as themselves and the audience enjoy seeing that. And by the same standard, it is not fair to brand shows like Voice of India, Indian Idol and Idea Star Singer as reality shows. In fact, these kinds of music contests are not something new to the Indian television. It’s just that they didn’t have the SMS funda involved in them.

The SMS voting involved in the contests has increased the business aspect to many many folds. For the programs of yesterdays, the one and only source of income was the advertisement slots in between various segments. The concept of SMS voting was introduced to this, not to ensure that the contest will have a democratic feature in it, it is because the voters are charged at premium rates by the service providers and a lion’s share of this extra profit reaches the kitty of the producer. For a small state like Kerala, prices of the range 40 lakhs-50lakhs-Limousine car are much much beyond the expectation of any contests, but when we analyze the money involved in a full series of a contest, this amount appears just nominal.

Here are my thoughts on the most prominent show of this genre in Malayalam at this point of time, Idea Star Singer, hereupon addressed as ISS ,broadcasted in Asianet.

ISS, as per the various statistics, enjoys the biggest audience reach , in all Malayalam programs aired daily. After a real pathetic show in 2006, ISS crew had a really skillful strategy for 2007. More emphasis was given for the settings, style and quality where as in 2006 it was almost a one man show by MJ[ Read it Michael Jackson!]. Even when facing the accusations of the manipulations and business minded partiality, Asianet could bring out a good quality program which does not tire the regular TV audience. Apart from the ardent fans who vote for their choices regularly, the program really don’t affect us, infact it entertain us to a great extent.

The contests are really giving us an honest performance each day. I think the greatest gift that each of them already won is that, all those faces have become very common and familiar to wide masses all over the state. Names like Sannidanandan have become very popular in the online discussion forums for malayalis.

The judges..hmmm… I really don’t want to comment much on them. When the whole elimination is through the SMS voting method, I really don’t know the necessity of three high profile judges [ No, I am not leaving ‘Sharath sir’ behind ‘Sreeyettan’ and ‘Dheedhi’] for the event. And why should they come out each time with very minute comments, many of them sounding partial, if that does not have much effect on the result? I don’t know.

The anchor, Ms. Ranjini H , has triggered criticisms from the audience for her appearance, mannerisms and above all , her accent. Personally , me too hate Malayalam being talked the way she talks, but I don’t think it is fair to point the finger at her, she is doing what she knows. The producers of the show should think seriously about changing the anchor if they feel that she don’t match to the whole concept. Ms. Ranjini has a pretty good grasp in English, and I think she is bettering her Malayalam day by day. And the dress code she follows might not please the typical keralites like me, but I should confess that they suits her well enough. And about her mannerisms, too artificial!

Now a word for the contestants, if at all atleast one comes through this page before the Kingdom come: Music is not a visual art. The eardrums of your audience appreciate you, not their Retinas. The contest producer might be more concerned about the entertainment value of the whole program rather than the pure music in you. But since this provides a wide platform to project yourself, utilize it to maximum benefit with all possibilities. But by the end of the day, plz keep it in mind that Yesudas and SPB won many million hearts with their voice and voice only.

Wishing you all the very bezt!

PS: Najim, you don't rock! You just seduce with your voice!!!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Being a Catholic Communist..

Recent word exchanges between Pinarayi Vijayan and Mar Chittilapalli and the subsequent debates going on in the media poses a very serious question to many minds, who believe that Communism and Catholicism as two versions of the same ideology which stands for equality and welfare-for-all, former in a worldly point of view and the latter linked with the eternal life. The life and death of late Comarade Mathayi Chacko is pulled out to the streets just for silly gains and this has resulted the initiation of yet another ‘Vivaadham’ in Kerala. I’m sure Oxford will be enlisting this word in the 2008 or 2009 edition of their dictionary, for its wide frequent usage.

How does Communism and Catholicism contradict to each other? Elements of anti- religious, or to be specific, anti- Christian were evolved along with Communism because at the time when this ideology spread it roots, Church was one of the prominent feudal exploiting powers of the society. The unholy alliance between ‘Crown and Cross’ was considered as the biggest enemy by the upcoming radical thought streams. And prominent leaders of those days gave many messages against the church.

As far as the Kerala social scenario is concerned, Communists were branded as atheists from the day the ideology started spreading in this country. The right fraction political parties succeeded to convince the religious leadership of the society that the ‘Comrades’ were against religion and against Bible, quoting many examples from Russia and Eastern Europe. And majority of the priests and priest heads didn’t care to enquire more on this. But things have changed much, in the last two decades. Bishops like late Mar Paulose Mar Paulose identified Communism as a crude worldly form of Christianity and initiated friendly dialogues between leaders of both streams. Developments like this were accepted wholeheartedly by the socially vibrant Christians of Kerala.

Coming back to the current: It is very difficult to scan the whole issue with a neutral, impartial stand. But unfortunately both sides have their own valid points and neglecting any one of them will be an injustice, not to the fighting tycoons, but to that noble soul who gave his whole life to the ideology he believed.

Mar Chitiilapalli : Was trying to share his agony about a devotee been denied the right to be cremated in the church cemetery. But he used the issue, more to highlight the CPM party infrastructure and its rigid cadre system ,and hence sounded more political than religious. Even if the Bishop denies it upon God, UDF literally quoted him on many forums to encash it as votes .Also, he had to correct many of his comments after the family members of Mr. Chacko came out with explanations

Pinarayi Vijayan: Was trying to save Mr. Chacko’s stature in the society, and indirectly, CPM’s too. But the response was a bit out of the limits. Also, gave an impression that all party workers are atheists. But it should be mentioned that he never asked his party cadres to denounce their faith. But the church did it the other way.

Malayala Manorama: Well done!

This is my share of Oil to the Fire: Communism and Catholicism are complementary to each other. Jesus Christ is the biggest communist world has ever seen. Lal /Cross Salam!

Friday, October 12, 2007

Parents in Town!!

Dr. K J Joseph and Dr. Magi Joseph is in Town!!!

So that's a very special weekend!!!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007


40 years ago, Ernesto Guevara de la Serna aka Che was assassinated in Bolivia.

Now, how is that going to be a matter of concern , if he was just a foolish person?

Plz don’t misinterpret, a close friend of mine asked me why did I put Che’s pic as my display picture in Orkut. But he asked it like this “..Why you kept the photo of such a foolish person as your profile photo ?..”. Now comes the question, Why do I adore Che when many intellectuals around me see him as a foolish person? [ I have heard people describing Che as a cruel cold blooded murderer, dictator, lunatic etc but this is the first time I am coming across this definition!]

I know that Che was a leader in South America in the 1950s and 60s, who , along with Fidel Castro, toppled the Baptista regime in Cuba through a revolution and establishes their government. Several people were assassinated during the days of the revolution, and as a prominent leader, Che was accused guilty for many of them. After a few years of service as a minister in the newly formed government, he said goodbye to the ministerial life and roamed around for new battlegrounds for action. He served in the military of Cuba, and later joined the liberation warriors of Bolivia and finally was assassinated during the struggle in Bolivia.

But I adore him not for just being a guerilla warrior, or a politician.

I adore him because
- He had the backbone to stand against anything he felt wrong
- He had the courage and will to work/struggle/fight for what he believed in.
- He had the vision to see a world without being influenced by the big bros
- His speech[] in UN still remains one of the most ferocious speeches in UN against the US policies. [.. How I wish to hear my PM saying something similar to that…]
- After all the struggle in Cuba, he never settled with the comfortable life as a Minister. Instead, he moved back his playground.

And above all….
→ He influenced/ is still influencing generations after him, to stand against injustice, against neo-imperialistic reforms and against colonial politics, all around the globe.

Call me an adolescent revolutionary romantic..... I can bear that!

Monday, October 8, 2007

Perfect Monday...

It was almost 11.45 and I was waiting for the shuttle to Electronics City, near MG Road, Bangalore. Since the bus was scheduled for 12.00 noon, I was going through the pages of the Malayala Manorama newspaper, I had with me. I had noticed a very old, fair lady walking towards my side but didn’t care to give a second look. She looked somewhere around 75 and had wrinkles all over her face. Must be a foreigner who finally settled in Bangalore, I thought. Now, that does not mean that I would have looked if it was someone in the 20s. I am not that kind, you know!

I raised my head from the newspaper when I felt her asking something. And the qn was “Which language is this?” . I told her that this is Malayalam, and was about to tell her that this is the language of the southernmost state of India, named Kerala, when she asked me “ Ohh .. so you are from Kerala? Very pleased to meet you.” I was kind of confused. She didn’t stop there.” …Kerala is a wonderful place. I have lived in Cochin for 7 years, my husband was in the Navy. One thing I have really noticed about Kerala is that everyone go to school. I was surprised to see little little children walking through the road with bag and water bottles, to school. Also, Keralites read well, they read newspaper daily. And I think these are the reasons, you people get jobs where ever you go. I have observed that employers in Gulf, UK, USA etc prefer your people than anyone else..”…… And then she repeated these sentences a few more times….

And also, she added that she was on her way to post a letter for her elder sister settled in Denmark, and one for her younger sis in England. Now you must be wondering why this lady settled in Bangalore, and not in Europe? This is the reason. Her destiny had a day in it, to make a typical mallu guy she meets on the road, happy and proud about his roots.

Wishing you good health and looong life Ma’m, YOU MADE MY DAY!!!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Crossing the Lines…..

It is often difficult to define and honor one’s limits and limitations. We often overstep the permitted lines either deliberately or unintentionally. And, many a time, we will have to give an explanation, irrespective of the reason why we did it.

Two diverse incidents that happened last week, made me write such a boring opening sentence. Anyway, I am too lazy to reframe that.

1.Kick out Kalainjar.. says SC

The recent verbal observations from a Supreme Court bench, about the DMK government of Tamil Nadu, have initiated very serious debates in the legal circles, and the media, especially the news channels are making some money from that.

In a formal analysis, those comments can be neglected even without a thought as the verbal observations that judges make during the hearing of a case don’t have any legal value to it. What matters is what they write in the verdict. But these particular comments need real introspection, because they highlight a changing trend in the constitutional machinery of the country.

As per the constitution, the President can exert Article 356 to expel l a state government if he/she is convinced that the government machinery of the is not working, or is following an unconstitutional way of working. A report from the Governor is required to prove this. But the commonly followed practice or tradition is that the Central Government, after reports from the Governor as well as the Media, recommends the President to impose Article 356 in s state. We also have precedents of the President rejecting this recommendation, if he feels it is not fair or constitutional. Also, use of article 356 should be discussed by either the LokSabha or the RajyaSabha. So, it can be concluded that the legislature is the one single body that is responsible for the use of Article 356. So the comments from the Supreme Court that it will initiate the procedure does not sound logical. But the point of concern is the tone that the court used in the whole discussion. It also asked the AIADMK advocate to file a C-O-C against the Govt. Now that sounds a bit proactive isn’t it, especially when the Govt hadn’t delivered any explanation for the accusations that the other side had made?

After Independence, the governance of India was highly centralized and it was the Bureaucracy or the Executive that decided the overall development plans for the masses. Improper planning and favoring , derailed the overall development of the country and even after years of governance, we stood where we were at Independence. Then came the days of the politicians. The party/leaders in power called the shots and they started controlling the ‘Sarkaari- Babus’ to their limits, and may be even more than that. But once they too started misbehaving, the Judiciary was the last hope of the common man. People started coming to the courts with their grievances and many of them got their solutions. Public Interest Litigations often echoed the public needs and got them done. But I think that we are at a point where we are forced to find a control mechanism for the judiciary too. A few of the recent judgments, that it made in favor of itself has raised many questions in the political and social circles. Constitution wants the Executive, Legislature and the Judiciary to work in harmony for common good.

NB: Please don’t charge me with Contempt-Of-Court, I am just trying to impress others! And have a note of apology ready with me!

2.Sreesanth…. The excellent eccentric..

I don’t think we need a very vast explanation on what I mean by this. Sreesanth has groomed himself to be a good bowler for the Indian cricket team, hmm.. yet to say a very good bowler. And the intensity and ferocity he has shown on field have often inspired him team mates for better performances. But then, the line between motivation and misbehaving is very thin at times. And may be it is high time he thinks about being more mature on field , than childish.

Sreesanth , even though was very successful on occasions, was never a crowd’s favourite. I honestly think that they enjoy the fire that Yuvraj spits all around just with his looks and stares, than the weird antics that Sreekuttan performs on field.. Anyway, let give him more time. I m sure more days on the field, and may be a strict disciplinary action from ICC will make him cooler. He He.. All the bezt Sreekuttaaa………


Prof M N Vijayan crosses his final life of his life, and departs today . Just like he enlightened many stages all through his life with his words, he chose a public stage for his final farewell too. A warm good bye to the pious soul who could make a mark in Art, Literature, Philosophy, Psychology and above all Politics...

Friday, September 28, 2007

Rahul-Gandhi- in the making……..

History repeats. Yet another high profile politician from the Nehru-Gandhi Family, is getting groomed for 7, Race Course Road. Just like his father , and before that his uncle, Rahul Gandhi has finally joined the official High Command of Indian National Congress. Being the General Secretary of INC is not an easy task,[just think of Kodikunnil Suresh who had to work almost 30 years in the party, and had to contest 5 [ or 6?] Loksabha elections before reaching the elite post], unless you are not born in the Royal Family of India, the Gandhis. I don’t know if people will mistake this as the family of Gandhiji, the poor influence less Father of the Nation.

And this is the first and foremost reason I hate the group of people who calls themselves a political party called INC. This lack of the backbone. Lack of self confidence and belief. The default or self-grown presence of subordination and slavery. Democracy, in its most brief description, pushes out the idea of dynasty rule or leadership-in –blood ideology. This powerful weapon of self governance took birth as a replacement for the empires and kingdoms of the society. It stands for the concept of equality, where anyone can rule and anyone can be ruled over. But even after 60 years of independence from the United Kingdom, the leaders and members of INC [ No: of leaders > No: of members!] still believe that their leader should come from one particular dynasty, from one single bloodline. And who ever thought different was kicked out of it asap.

Statistics might prove that each time with a Gandhi on top, INC performed well in elections . And this is the reason for that phenomenon also. The leaders of the party are not ready to agree each other and everyone is happy to have a Gandhi on top of them than a Pawar or Mukherjee. The cadre of the party also show a similar kind of mindset and they wholeheartedly work for the party, only when a Gandhi lead them. I was lucky enough to visit the National Defence Academy, Pune , way back in 2002 and they have a big encryption on the gate “CRADLE OF MILITARY LEADERSHIP”. I think it is high time we fix a similar board “CRADLE OF CONGRESS LEADERSHIP” somewhere in New Delhi.

I just remember a scene from the hit Malayalam film “Pathram”[NewsPaper]. A dialogue by Shekharan[ Actor:Murali] to a character name Kodikunnil Surendran, a congress leader.

Shekharan: “ Aniyaa, ithingane irumbuvala pole puthachondu nadanna pora[ khadhar shirt].. kuranjathu ithinu mukunna kanjipashayude enkilum bhalam ulla oru nattellu koodi venam ithinakathu.. enkile nannavoo ninte oke ee prasthanam”

Those who want a translation can contact me!

PS: Media is waiting for the corporate electoral campaigns and historic statements from the new Gen Secretary. Even though he couldn’t effect the UP election results much, he was a real treat for them!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Ramzan[ or Ramadan]- The Holy Month

Muslim fraternity all over the world are going through the holy month of Ramzan . They fast for the full day, infact almost 14 hours, during which they don’t swallow anything. I have seen people who used to spit all the time and said they were avoiding swallowing the salive. I don’t know if that is an exteme step, but I have personally seen how keen they are to maintain their fast and follow the rituals. I owe Hussain a lot for many things, and this is info one of them. He is a true muslim, from my point of view.

It was during the Ramzan month of 2003, that I joined him for fasting. We were staying in MES hostel near our college, and there were many guys there, who were on fast. They used go out to have food in a nearby shop which we used to call “Pootty Chettan’s Kada”. [ ‘oo’ as in door or floor, Potty is a non veg dish]. I started accompanying them daily, and then I got the idea of taking fast for a day, just to feel how it is. And then that became a habit. And I started going with them for the morning ‘athaazham’ too.

In the next two years, we were in college hostel, and we had a separate Ramzan Mess in hostel. And I too was a member of that. I too became a part of my muslim brothers and I really enjoyed those days. We used to have Rice and Fish in the morning. And we got Lime juice, Fruits, Chapathi /Porotta /Appam /Puttu with a non veg curry in the evening.Me too tried to getup who ever was fast asleep at 4 am to have the athaazham, and on the common Ifthar Party that we arrange for the whole inmates of hostel, I too participated as part of the organizing committee!

This year, as I am on a late night shift, I am having a routine similar to my Ramzan days of my college. I take breakfast at around 3.30 AM and dinner around 9.30 and mostly don’t eat much in between. Maybe a tea or two.

But then, me too will be waiting for the Lailatul-Qadr and the Shawwal , just like I did a few years back!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Virginity is Dignity! Not a matter of speculation....

Malayala Manorama is having the largest number of daily circulation, among all regional newspapers of India. In a country with 28 states and many many newspapers for each state, it is a commendable achievement for a Malayalam daily to lead the group since the population of Kerala does not constitute even 5% of the total population of India. But it also should be mentoned that the high literacy rate of the state is a reason for this. Also, Mallus , in general, are very partcular to keep themselves updated about the day to day incidents on this planet. [ But majoirty of them never care to respond to any of them, Irony!]

The Week, an english fortnightly from the MM group, had been in the market for quite a while and has got the reputation of a good mag, though not the best of its kind.But the latest edition of the The Week has crossed all limits of investigative journalism , or whatever crap they call for these kinda stinking/sting operations and surveys. The million dollar discovery they have made is going to shake the entire morale infrastructure of the country...." 34% of the teenagers of our country are not virgins any more!!!!"... Don't faint: " Another 10+ % have stated that they wont be virgins when they marry!!!!" Isn't that shocking??

The political scenerio of the country is at a crucial point these days. Terms like 'Hyde Act' and '123 agreement' are filling the headlines in a regular basis. People in Indraprastha have already started thinking about a probable mid-term election to the Lower House. But whats the point in having a stable government, atomic policy and healthy international pacts, if the Teenage population don't maintain their Chastity!

Media have always tried to exploit the soft sentiments of the audience with pieces of news, which appear non-dangerous in first sight , but malicious in the essence. They have spoilt the lifes of innocent souls, many of them being helpless rape victims or having a history similar to that, with colourful, steaming articles and live coverages. And the shameless society, of which I am also a part, have enjoyed them with a satisfaction that we get from a soft porn story, than a news, I confess. Personalisation of a these kinds of sensual events often keep the culprits in the background.

But more dangerous is the generalisation of these topics. What is the message that Week provides with that historical survey study? That every third teenager on the street is not a virgin anymore? That the budding generation of this country is losing their patience to enjoy the 'eternal' pleasure? I am so ashamed to listen this! And so do millions in this country. How can you bring out these kind of third rate analysis studies, after the so called secret surveys you conduct? The people in this society are not fools to believe that 34% of the people who attended your survey[ if at all you conducted one!] confessed about their virginity. And nor can we believe that another 10 % disclosed their future plans.

Your parent newspaper has history of booming their circuation with stories, which were proved fabricated later. If you are planning the same, no body can help it I m sure. But plz understand the danger behind this. Every third girl in your family too will be looked upon as a non-virgin,'cause thats what your survey says!

Shame on You!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Onam : Nostalgiyayude Askitha!


Long long ago, even when Onam was free from the Channel Wars and the Consumer hush-bush, I used to like this festival very much.

Those were the days when Doordarshan broadcasted a compartively new movie, compared to the ones they usually broadcast on sundays.

Those were the days when my Achachan made a swing for me and my brother, and we took turns to enjoy the ride.

Those were the days when I roamed around Kumarakom,seeing various kinda entertainments like Kakkakali and Vadamvali.

Those were the days when I went with cousins and friends to watch the procession and races of annual Kumarakom Boat Race.

Those were the days when I ate Banana chips upto my larynx.

Don't think that I am 60 year old man, spending his final days in Guantanamo Bay. I am presently located in Bangalore, but I couldnt go home yesterday for Onam. And today is the Kumarakom Boat Race day. ANd I feel reaaly bad, sitting 700kms away from my village, missing the cheer and fun of the whole event. And hence the blog.

Btw, I had real splendid Onam yesterday here in Bangalore. Thanks to Vidhu M George aka Vidhukuttan for the wonderful sadhya[feast]. I don't think none of my feasts at home was as grand as the one you gave yesterday. To conclude, let me try to list what all we had yesterday

1. Rice

2. Pickles

3. Injikkari

4. Pachadi

5. Chammandhi

6. Thoran

7. Elissery

8. Parippukari

9. Neyyu

10. Pulissery

11. Sambhar

12. Aviyal

13. Pacha moru

14. Pappadam

15. Upperi

16. Chakkara Varattiyathu

17. Paayasam

Enthaa pore?[ Need more?]

Monday, August 27, 2007

One year back, I joined my first job in Bangalore.

The story can end with the title, for nothing great has happened as far as my career is concerned. First came 3 months of formal training, which was more or less like College life-extended. And then free pool days in Electronics City. And then the specialised training for the DA Team. And then the long medical leave. ANd then the accident in campus. And the present assignment in Microsoft. Nothing can be pointed out as an outstanding achievement.

But life has indeed changed a great lot in the past 12 months.

I travelled in an AC compartment for a night journey for the first time when I came to join. Ofcourse, the company was paying for it!

I never knew that I could stay away from my family for a period as long as 70 days. Well, now I know that.

I never happened to see the great cook inside me. Now I am a celebrity chef to many.

I never knew what a PUB looked like. Now I know a few of 'em [ Yo! Yo]

But I still am the same orthodox, semi-modern, male/mallu chauvinist who happened to be in Bangalore as an engineer, just like he happened to be in an engineering college a few years back!

This post wont be an honest one if I dont mention a few names I came across in the last one year, whom i might not have seen if I didnt join my job here.

Prasanth Palaniswamy : The ever-enthu guy from Ramamurthi Nagar. Fate made him my taxi biker from the very second day , and the tradition still continues. Down to earth, music-freak, hardworking. Places to go Prashu!

The CET gang : Instead of naming each one of 'em , lemme thank all of 'em together for the wonderful company we had in the EC campus. You made my days much easier at times. May be I should mention Anoop Eka a.k.a Malppan and Aswin Raju a.k.a Paappaan here.

Sankarshana N: Shanku, you will make me smile. All through my life.

Liya Oommen : The attitude gal. We had many lunches and snacks together. I think I talked to her more than anyone, when I was inside the campus.

Parvathy n Rakhi: Met them through Soumya, havnet spend much time with 'em but they do have made a mark.

Anandan n Saravanakumar : My managers and mentors in my pursuit with C#. Ows a lot to them.

Josmy aka Tintu: Such a short time span of acquaintance and she is so close to me.

The list will go on. I know I must find space for Achayan, Adwaith,Anoop ,Aamir,Debashish,Fiona, Indranil, Manish, SPoorthy, Uzzal and many more, but then I am still as lazy as I used to be, an year ago.

So, thats it!

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Well done Comman Man! Congraz for the successful year!!!

Living Life- the MS-ian Way!

It has been a while since I posted something here...

I am working almost 10 hours off the clock now thats 6pm-3am....

And work is kinda hectic and no time for silly pranks like blogging [:P]....

Let me find a rhythm with this first...

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Monday, July 16, 2007

Hello- Two sides of a Review

The new release of MohanLal ' Hello' is creating waves in Bangalore, just like it is doing in all releasing centres of Kerala. I was fortunate enough to watch the movie amongst hundreds of Lal fans in Bangalore, enjoying each moment of it, with the customary 'rituals' of Cheers for lal, Flower Shower etc. After almost an year in this city , I felt as if I am watching the movie in Abhilash or Anand theatre in my home town.

Review from a blind lal fan's point of view!

The King of the Mallu Celliloid has once again proved that the inborn naturality and flexibility that took him uncomparable heights is still inside in full fizz. It was a treat for the eyes to see that face for more than 60% of the whole duration.It was a ' Lal's movie ' from beginning till the end.Ya its true that there is some story with a very delicate suspence inside it, a good looking heroine [!apart from her face!] and some really good and really really bad supporting comedians, I think it was just Lal who stole the show. I dont care what others will feel about the movie. I enjoyed each moment of it and so did the hundreds with me. Laletta.. u rock!

Review from a neutral viewer's point of View

[ I,The Common Man , hereby promise in the name of Vinayan [ Director-God of Malluloid]that I shall be neutral in posting this review in all aspects of the movie, without any partiality or prejudice, so help me God..]

Malayalam film industry is smaller comparing to other south indian film industries, but it can surely boast of many of the most successful actors, directors and technicians of the Indian Panorama, both artistically and economically.And the name MohanLal stands out in all those names as one of the most successful actor, with immense potential of Range and flexibility, that many times he was compared to international figures like Al Pacino.All releases from Mohanlal are topics of hot discussions in mallu filmfans fraternity, just like a Rajanaikanth movie in Tamil, although in not similar proportions. The film ' Chotta Mumbai' exceeded all previos precedences, with organised celebrations all across the state during the releasing week of the movie. The new release ' Hello' is no different, even in the city of Bangalore.

Just like all Mohanlal movies except a few, this one too is full time entertainer which doesnot make the audience to think about their daliy pains in life, atleast for 140+ mintes.Fim viewers, especially in a High-Fi city like bangalore. spend a heavy amount and equally inportant 3 hours into a movie, just to get some relaxation and many of the Corporate Working Class have confessed that they have started enjoying Slapstick movies like CID Moosa after started working. Afterall, whats the point in spending money and time for 2 litre of tears, 160mm BP suspence and finally a heavy heart, when you have all of them in the 5 working days of a week, free of cost!

The story is a very simple one, with very little scope for high end imagination and speculation. Its the way that this very simple story has been developed to a 2.5 hour movie that deservs appreciation. None of the twists were unpredicatble or heart shocking. A mild essence of suspense was just good enough for a climax, and nothing more. And the songs were well shot, well exploiting the curves and contours of the landscape as well as the heroine[:P]

With a good, though not great, story line, it was all set for the Acting mastero to stage his best of the day. And he has done it with utmost sincerity. No mindblowing words are required to describe his performance. It is just that he did his job with the ease and elegance he is used to. Now that explians it, rite?

As the saying goes ' Nobody is Perfect' and it holds good for the movies too. 'Hello' too had some flaws, eventhough none of the was a hurdle for the overall flow of the movie. But as I am still on my oath, I have to list them too. First and foremost, directors should start seriously thinking of avoiding the usage of 'too much villain' looking villains. I still dont understand why Siddique had a clean head and some really mean stares at others, other than making Us feel that he is the one behind the whole plot.[ Oops did I broke the suspence, for those who havnt seen the movie? I am sorry!]. Also, for the comedy aspect, I think the directors didnt take into consideration that, it is not Dileep who was the Hero. Why the hell will they put some many support cast into the movie along with the two best comedians of the field[ Lal and Jagathy]?It was irritating at times to see Salim Kumar and Siraj Venjaranmoodu[Thalle!] on screen, stealing moments of the lal charishma.And finally, with all respect to the cheering guys in the theatre for some 'silly reasons' , the heroine should have been forced, compelled or threatened to show some more emotions on her face.

All that begins well, ends well. And may be thats the reason why i felt that the best one liner from MohanLal was his first dialogue

" Enne onnu aashupathriyil kondu ponam.. Enikenthoo kuzhappam ondu.. kaarenam...ningal ithrayum oke paranjittum, enikku pediyavunnilla"


jai bolo Lalettan keeeee... jai[ 3]!!!!!!!!

Friday, July 6, 2007

Things I hate in my present life

1. The Mob-Peeper

I am on my bus, the bus is almost full and I am standing and then BEEP BEEP.. oh that is an SMS. With strain I pull my mobile out of my pocket and read the message, something that demands a reply, m trying to type with one hand, holding the overhead iron pole with the other, and here he comes.. the guy next to me badly wants to read the message I m typing. Hey, let me be honest, even i will give a try in such an occassion, but without the messager knowing it. But this particular guy is trying real hard to pull himself behind me, and look onto my screen. Huuuuuhhhhhh.....

I am irritated and I send the messgae. Hardly 30 secs. beep beep. This time when i type the reply, I add " One bastard is peeping into my message editor and so I will tell you later".

2. The ATM Circus

I am standing in a queue in front of an ATM, 7 people in front of me { Oh! My! god!}and almost 10 behind me{ oops, now i feel beeter }. Then a guy goes in, stand in front of the ATM for a few seconds[ as if paying homage to all pious souls who died to boredom in a queue like that,Amen] and starts searching all over his body for something.. Dont think wild, he is searching for his ATM Card, and he takes his own time to find it. Once he gets it [ Thank God he has one!], he will start the 8 step procedure.. he will take the money and will get out now.. laa laa laa. oh No!,he was just checking his balance.. again he starts with step 1.. here he goes, he takes money, counts it 7 times and get his balance statement, compares it with the one he had just before that and I think he is coming out atleast now.. laaa laa laaa.. oh No!!! He is again into the procedure, what?? He is again checking his balance, and then a comparitive study withh all three sheets in his hand, and finally quiet satisfied by the information that the amount he deposited has neither created nor destroyed among themselves, he is coming out and on his way back he gives a sweet smile as if saying " I am sorry for You..."

3.The Kaliedoscope

As a guy without a bike, and a salary not big enough to afford Taxis all the while, I am getting inside a BMTC bus, yes, the white and blue coloured Bus, with a brown tint shade all over.[ no, dats not dust, thats the make of the body]. Since there are many more guys and gals in the city with out a bike and with a small salary, the bus is full. And here comes a guy who is working with cement mortar in the ratio 3:7:5. I m not just guessing it, half of the mortar he made was there on his shirt and his pants. Also, he has with him 2 big spades, 3 iron rods and many stuff like that,half of which I am supposed to hold.I dont want to explain this in detail. I miss my homestate much, dats all I can say. No offence.

4.The AUTO-crats of the City

Gone are the days when we called for an auto and asked him to take to the place u want to go. I m waiting for an auto to reach Sivaj Nagar asap. Here comes an auto.." Aey Auto"...[ btw thats a hit movie in malayalam, laletaaaa.. u rock!].. Now begins the trial.. Where to go? why to go? Just the juncton or inside? Which route to take? .. it goes on. After the quiz, he is thinking so deep that even I feel something really messy about it. And after half a minute, with all credit to Devanand for the style, he turns his head and announces the verdict." No, i wont come".. oh I am heartbroke.....I badly wanted to go for a ride with him... Am i that bad???

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Bye Bye Dr.Kalam, You were Good, but not the Best!

I got this mail today morning
Dear Friends and Indians
We might be aware of the President election to be held by next month.The political parities are not allowing our APJ for his next tenure.
Do you know the reason for it?How will v know it?
V might not get time to think about these silly things.
V might have lot of engagements such as watching 'Sivaji' and meet our sweet hearts at the weekends.
But v can spare a bit of time , atleast to look thru dis mail and show our support to our honourable APJ.
All India Student association calls the strike on July 10 to support ourAPJ.If you protect our President from the vote politics, please supportthe strike on July 10th.Just inform to your school, college, office, factory and ask supportto your parents, friends, children's, teachers, relatives.He may/may not be our next president, but we must show to this vote beggars, WHAT THE PEOPLE THINKS.
Please pass this message to maximum number of people. This is the right time to show our unity, strength and power to this dirty politicians.
I am just wondering how people get carried away by senseless mails like this. I m sure it would have made a very long journey thorugh the wireless channels of Internet, from one Inbox to another and so on.But I'm also sure that 99% of those who send this will never try to understand how genuine the mail is and how effective the 'Strike' is going to be.

I haven't heared about All India Student Association and Google also couldnt help me find it.Fine, lets hope that it exists and is as big and efficient as the Assocoation of The Olympic Individual Gold Medalists of India.

None of the so called 'Support our APJ' mails have tried to explain why they consider Dr.Kalam as the best President ever. I think its because they dont know much about the previous Presidents. Atleast, about the immediate predecessor of Dr.Kalam. Yes, I do believe that late Mr. K R Narayanan was the Best Statesman ever to grace the Raisina Hills ever. Breaking many rotten stinky precedence, He displayed the Power and Honour of the Supreme Post of this country, both to his countrymen and the whole world. He was the only President to play the role of a neutral umpire, all through his tenure.And it was this display of character and identity, not of his personality, but of the Chair he occupied, that denied him a second chance.

Dr.Kalam also was good enough to be a neutral President but i think he can serve the nation in a better was as a scientist. Let him go back to his love-of-his-life, his technical career. Let us be thankful for all those Vison-2020s and Mission-2050s. But the post of the Prsident of India is not powerful enough to execute any of them. So let him go back to a post where he can start implementing all his Visions. Wish you good luck Your Excellency, Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Welcome To Bengaluru

Hey .....

This is for all those mighty mighty minds coming to Bangalore in the coming months , to build for themselves a Career of their choice.

It doesnt matter if You have to IT industry or ITI Industry... surviving in Bangalore is an Art, a Tradition, A Skill...

Go through this first...

Tips to Start Your life in Bangalore..

So, that was Sabari, a friend of mine at his best. Really liked the way he presented the topic. Hope You too...

Now, may be I can add some tips to what he has already said...


I slightly disagree to what Sabari said. I never uses Hindi. What I use is kindof a tamil mixed with 2 ounce of malayalam and a pinch of english and lots of gestures, which i think, appears like Kannada to may people around me. The bottom line is , I m getting my things done. Isn't that enough??

2. Housing

Amen to Sabari.....

3. Vehicle

Only one point to add: Even if you have all papers ready for your vehicle, its always better to avoid those White Hat Police. And if you dont have them, shoud i say?

Oh i think I have one more: Bangalorians are a bit careless on road, i refer to both motorists and pedestrians. So either be more careful than usual, or [ I m sure you will get annoyed with that pretty soon] be one of them, be reckless!!! he he.. just kidding, our safety is our own concern....

PS: a friend of mine gave me a few tricks:when ever you see a policeman ready to pick a random vehicle, just make a look on your watch, not to know the exact time, but to avoid his 'heavenly' call. or may be you can stop in front of him and ask for a near by hospital, in a very rapid manner, so that he may feel you are taking yourself to the casuality. Favourable outcome not guarenteeed. Try at your own risk.

4. Food

I totally agree with Saabari. Eating out 4times a day will make small pores in your stomach and a big hole in your pocket. See! Now we have minimum two reasons to start cooking! he he. For 95% people, its only the super that can be cooked. Better do it. Believe me, its healthy, its economical , and if you have a maid to wash ur crockery, its Fun too!!!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Wondering what that title is all about?? I m sorry but they couldn't help me with the antonym of serendipity, and hence the title.

So the whole sequence goes like this, be patient enough to read it till the end. [ As if I care whether You read this or not, pooh!]

May be I could have walked through the rain....

May be I could have take 5 more mins t0 have the snack and juice...

May be I could have skipped the evening Snack....

May be I could have left my office by the 6.15 bus....

May be I could have taken some kind of a leave that day...

May be I could have avoided joining the company...

May be I could have studied something else other than Engineering....

May Be...May Be...May Be......

But the fact is :

I did study Engineering....

I joined for job......

I went for work last Monday...

I didn' t leave by the 6.15 bus...

I went for a snack and juice around 6.00 pm...

I finished and came out around 6.15 pm....

I ran through the stony-walkway when it rained.....

And the climax: As I was running, my Verticality changed to Horizontality, in a fraction of a second.And I love to face The Life , face-2-face..

Net Result: 5 stitches on my lips, 2 teeth broken partially, right arm sprained and the worst of all, 2 more LOP leave!!

St.Paul's letter to the Romans[The Bible] 8:28 :"And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.."

Ya, I do love God.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

MEC2k6 @ Bangalore!

It all started when a Smart/Fair/Good Looking Guy of my batch( Sandeep P & Mathew, you can decide between you!) posted a mail in our batch group, regarding the possibility and necessity of a Batch reunion. Venue was decided in a democratic way with Bangalore winning the right to host the 2007 Reunion of 2006 batch. Delegates from Cochin raised question regarding the authenticity of the verdict but in vein. So Bangalore it was going to be.

After a month long preparation and ground work, it was finalized a week before the proposed date: that the program was dropped! Oops! Can we expect a better start? But the macho Guys of MEC were not familiar with leaving something half done. So the whole program was rejuvenated in a matter of 3 days and we were going to do it, no matter how many attend or not attend!

The number of X-MEciaNs attending the event was as ambiguous as an engineer’s actual salary. [Hint: Different documents and mails say different numbers]. It started from around 70 and was dropping day by day and finally on that day, the Day decided by Destiny, in front of the resort, 45+ of us stood there as a bunch of cracks, ready to unleash the fire, the spirit, the devils inside Us. [ Am I sounding like a devil? I m just trying to build up the attitude and ambience. Bu.. Buha… BuHaHA]

No wonder we guys dint get enough time for a few descent drinks, We reached the place around 12.30 and Lunch was available till 2 only. And the Bar had some really weird price combinations. A beer for Rs.90 and a 2Ltr Pepsi for Rs.150!

Lunch was good. No more comments. I m not here to discuss about the chicken curry they made or about how Kootha kept on eating till 2.30 starting from 1. { Some people don’t change at all, isn’t it?]

Also I should mention that some traditions too won’t change. We used to have a cruel cold-blooded time-pass in hostel. Its called BUMPS world wide, Dr. McGregor called it KITA, but we used to call it Razza. It adapted the name from the famous song ‘ manmadha raaza’ but how/why? I don’t know. Those who know plz add it as comment. Anyway, the MECian way of expressing love was performed for all guys, one by one. Some guys accepted it, some guys were forced to accept it and a few of them were chased down too. But after all of the 30+ guys had their share, we all hade something in common. That great feeling of going back to the hostel. And ya, a really paining A**E too!

It was time for the POOL/POLO. Girls were asked to leave the premises as Studs like Thoma and Joykutty were bare-chested and we dint want an MMS Scandal in our Alma Mater’s name. After a few rounds in water, it was time for the Grand Polo match. What to say more? The Allied forces of Hyderabad+ Cochin + Chennai was mercilessly conquered by the Bangalore team. They have personally asked me not to mention the score-line and I respect that. The guy from that resort , who was helping us with getting the Ball from outside, had a real tough time, thanx to the Big Dumbo guy from Hyderabad for all those wonderful throws, all but one outside the pool. No prizes for guessing the name bekos all you have to do is pick one from the 3 big guys from HYD. Should I give you any clue? Ok, the choices are Amar, Youhan and.. oh No! I can’t give you the answer. The game also gave some really inspiring moments, the best one was Vijith fighting his life out to get the ball from Appunni’s clutches. Bravo Vijith! By the way, I heard that Vijith was taken straight to the Apollo Hospital after that, any updates?

People also found time to try their hands with Badminton, TT, Cricket, Golf and Football. Oh sorry, for football they tried their legs. [:-)]

Ok yaar, now that You were really patient to come this far, lemme brief the whole thing: I really had some reservations to go for the event not just because the number was quite less, it was also because many of my closer friends were not coming for it. But I am very happy to say that I really enjoyed the whole event. It was fun playing and shouting each other, after a long gap of almost 365 days. I mite sound childish to some, but there is a child in each one of us isn’t it? I really appreciate all those people who came from Chennai, Cochin and Hyderabad; you people took the real pain to travel up to Bangalore and then back. You deserve a special round of applause when we have people in Bangalore who were not willing to come.

Last , but not the Least, thanx Pillai and Mathew, I think you guys did a real good Job!!!

[ Now a small brunch of gossip: Pillai going to get a really good appraisal ths time, since he could arrange a business of about 25K for his senior in Mindtree. – Source: anonymous]

Thursday, May 24, 2007

[ This is not a genuine article by me, just to let u know abt] is nothing but a black version of google .A few months ago, TreeHugger Mark Ontkush wrote a post on his blog EcoIron titled Black Google Would Save 750 Megawatt-hours a Year[]. The post lays out the following train of thought:"An all white web page uses about 74 watts to display, while an all black page uses only 59 watts". Google, which has a white background and gets about "200 million queries a day" could reduce global energy use by 750 Megawatt-hours a year by simply changing the color of its homepage to black.

In response to this post a black version of Google emerged called According to Blackle's homepage at publication time, 4,408.917 Watt hours have been saved by. The site encourages users to "make a difference today [by] … Blackling "energy saving tips" or visiting,a great blog dedicated to environmental awareness. Nice ideas. But how does the search measure up? Very well indeed. Give it a whirl yourself and start saving energy one search at a time. ::

So lets make our homepage and default search engine, the difference it makes is a mere 750 Megawatt-hours a Year...!!!!!!

And the Counter pont is:

This is true only for CRT monitors (which are obsolete now).
Only CRT displays use more energy to display brighter things. On an LCD monitor, a black pixel uses more energy than a white pixel.
For an LCD monitor, the backlight on an LCD is on for the entire LCD, regardless of which color is being shown. An LCD monitor uses subtractive color — a white pixel lets the backlight pass through, and a black pixel is using red green and blue to filter and blockout the backlight. To display a black pixel, the LCD blocks out light. When an LCD monitor shows pure black, that’s actually the point at which the monitor is working the hardest, blocking out lights for all the pixels (thus using more voltage). Changing from black to white may save some energy on CRT displays, it might actually cause LCD displays to use slightly more energy.
That means, if you’re going to use one of these “Black Google” sites using an LCD monitor, you’re actually wasting more energy. Not to mention, that it will cause unnecessary stress to your eyes, possibly leading to computer vision syndrome......

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Comrade: V S 'sMart' Achuthanandan!!

It takes a courage to stand against injustice...
But it takes many courages to indulge into it to correct it..

One year back, when the electorate of Kerala hailed the Left Democratic front to a thumping victory in the Asseble elections, they were expecting Com. VS to be something different. They wanted him to exibit the extinct feature called Political Willpower. And through the Smart city venture, Com.VS has given new meanings and dimensions to that term. The whole Smart City agreement was restructured an framed, and now the People of Kerala holds the batton of the show. Dubai Internet City is accountable and answerable to many governmental forums, with all legal implications. And I happened to overhear that ex-CM mr. Oommen Chandy had a tough time in some KPCC meeting, answering questions from V M Sudheeran regarding this.

Comrade VS, We dont really look back into history about your track record in politics. But now, thousands look onto you for hope, motivation and inspiration. Way to go leader, lal Salaam.!!

Monday, April 30, 2007

The best birthday Ever!!!!!

I Thank:

Miss.Vidhu Mariam George

Miss. Soumya R Krishnan

Miss. Parvathy

Mr. Tony Simon

Master. Jacob Mon

For the best birthday I ever had.........;-)

Luv you all...............................................................

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Sex Education in Schools... why?

I am just annoyed with the online-offline debates going on with regard to the proposed Sex Education in schools, and subsequent issues. The whole topic has been blown up into unwanted proportions, which benefits neither our children nor their education. I am not playing fiddle to either side of the argument, in fact I have questions for both groups- the ones who are for it, and the ones who are against it.

Let me ask all those young minds with modern attitude and broad vision- Is this the grave concern that our students have at this point of time? What changes can we expect once our secondary students are taught in class, about the ‘sensitive’ matter, about which, I am sure, majority of them will be proficient enough much before that.[ Come on yaar , even I passed the age a few years back, and so do You!]. And if this helps in maintaining the moral side of a generation, what justification can you give for the rising number of teenage abortions, unmarried mothers and hostile relationships of the developed countries of Europe and North America? But none of them are taboos from hell, in those countries. What about us?

I still remember my 10th standard Biology text book. We too had two pages of a topic which was supposed to be a primitive Sex Ed but was handled in very different manner. The topic before this was regarding fertilization in a flower. After that, my teacher just glanced through the page and said casually “ Now the rest, you people can read and understand”. What was she expecting us to read and understand, at such an innocent age of 15? [ LOL]

Why to embarrass our teachers like that? To compel them to describe in detail, about something they consider as sacred and not-to-be-discussed, is not fair. Let us hand over that duty to our parents. Who else can be as free as a father or mother, to a kid? No I am not just giving a vague suggestion; I am suggesting this because I know it works. Or, in other words, it worked for me. I am thankful to my Appa and Amma for the fact that I never had to stare wondering at adz, to distinguish between a Condom and a Sanitary Napkin, and I am always proud to say that! Let us ask our parents to handle the delicate Issue.

Now a word for the silly political clowns: We all know that it is not because of the concern for the social morality that all of you are so eager to respond to the issue. Get some other topics to reap your votes, and Let experts handle this. You are playing around with the future of this country. Be careful!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Sorry Mr.Moorthy , You wont make it!

It seems the thinking minds of my country are seeing the President post of India as a high profile corporate job, with requirements like High technical caliber and exposure, impeccable career history and above all a corporate air around. This is in response to Dr.Kalam’s comment that Mr.NarayanaMurthy, the Infy Mentor, will be an excellent candidate for the upcoming Presidential elections.

Many people say that President of India, is just like the King/Queen of Engalnd, all color and glamour but No Job. Indian Constitution has given many vital roles and duties to the President but they had hardly been used until a short, dark man called Kocheril Raman Narayanan re-wrote the pages of precedence with bold initiatives that made the omnipotent leaders of Indraprastha, think twice about giving him a second chance. But they were really reluctant to say this fact in public. It was then ,Mr.Mulayam Singh Yadav came ahead with Dr.Kalam’s name . I honestly think that Dr.Kalam was hailed to the superior position just because, both BJP and Congress needed a convincing reason to deny K.R.Narayanan , a second chance.

Being the President of India demands a lot of experience in the day2day governance of the country, parliamentary activities, Constitutional Precedence and above all, it demands a positive outlook and respect to the country , which is an embodiment of the thoghts and emotions of millions of the common men. And I genuinely believe that Mr. Murthy is not the one for this.

Dont ask me for an apology, i know what I am saying and I stick to it, so help me God!

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

The Stolen Blog..............

This blog has been lifted shamelessly yet again from Aswins's.This poor blogger has finally run out of topics to blog about (not really tho.. ;)) and has confined himself to an occasional original blog but is usually content with stealing tags from random pages from across blogosphere.

This particular one is an mixture of sorts...

Three things I am passionate about
1. MohanLal
2. Homely Food
3. My Family

Three things that scare me
1. Infamy
2. The thought of doing a Job I don't like, for a life time
3. Death[ " is there a bigger threat?" asks Col. Nathan R. Jessep[Jack Nicholson] in 'A Few Good Men'...]

Three people who make me laugh
1. Jagathy Sreekumar
2. MohanLal
3. Kunjamma[ a virtual friend of mine..:-)]

Three things I love
1. My mother toungue
2. Spicy Food
3. Music

Three things I hate
1. Someone trying to establish that I am useless[ Truth pains at times!]
2. Me being asked to explain my jokes
3. Being compelled to say 'Yes, I do' when i want to say " Yeahh, I really do!!" [Ha ha.. i caught you on the wrong foot na?]

Three things I don't understand
1. When 50% of my friends treat me as a brother, why should the gals too follow that?
2. Why , majority of my classmates misinterpreted each and every sentence I spoke?
3. What am I doing here??[ Now you know where I am right now na?]

Three things I am doing right now
1. Trying my all luck to log into Orkut, through known and unknown proxy sites.
2. Addicted to Wikipedia big time, these days.
3. Downloading some malayalam film songs.

Three things I want to achieve b4 I die
1. Padhma Sree
2. Padhma Bhushan
3. Padhma Vibhushan

and finally : Bharat Rathna [ even if posthumous!.. am I too ambitious??]

Three things you should listen to
1. Late Raveendran's Masterpieces
2. Fire-Spitting dialogues of Mohanlal-Renjith
3. Me.... I am a very effectice Councellor!

Three things you should never listen to
1. Himesh Reshammiah[ I dont care if I spelt it wrong]
2. Your inlaws
3. Kiran TV Anchors

Three things you should feel
1. Thrisoor Pooram
2. Alleppey Blue DIamond's Ganamela
3."Kallu + Kappa+ KakkaIrachi" combo

Three places you should go
3.Kuttomburam [ T0 maintain the rhyme :), its a very famous toddy shop in Kottayam]

Three places I want to go
1. Manasasarovar,Kailasam
2.Andaman & Nicobar
3. Amazon River

Three things I'd like to learn
1. The Holy Quran
2. To interpret Minds
3. Hindusthani Music[ " Sangeetham padikkenam enna mohavumayi chennu keriyathu...."]

Three favourite books
1. Khasakhinte Ithihaasam
2. oru Deshathinte Kadha
3. Malayala Manorama Weekly[ Can I call it a book?]

Three favourite food
1. Fish[inland lake fish]-Any type, any preparation
2. My mom's special Beef Fry
3. I have a real sweet toungue too!

Three beverages I drink regularly
1. Tea- one of my addictions I am proud of
2. Toddy[ Nalla Thengin Kallinte Manam, Ruchi- Ayyada Maname!]
3. Beer- " I am better when I am drunk..:P"

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

National Defence Academy:Part 3

Finally, the D Day came. Everyone was real tensed about the result. Even i was tensed, not about the result, about the class gettogether we had arranged in Husain's house that week. I was damn sure that I will be home in another 24 hours.

Sqn. Leader. Pankaj Jha started calling out the numbers of selected candidates. After No:28, I was almost sure No:31 would be the next, he was a friend of mine. So I was getting myself ready to clap for him, and I heared the sound " Number Thirty...Two"....and I started clapping. It took almost 10 secs for me to understand that it was my number. Oh Shit! I din want this. I knew that it would be very difficult to go out,taking the TA.

We were called upon stage, and some senior officer gave us an IAF cap. WOW! i felt good! Ok.. Thank You... I am Happy.... But i want to go home! Now the Sqn Leader was looking at me with a frown.... " Whats bugging you soo much Jose? anyway we will talk later. First let me see off those who din make it".....So, my friends Shon and Jayadevan left before me to Mysore City. I asked them to wait for me in City and book a ticket for me to go home, as I had decided to leave Mysore with them. After they left, officer started brainwashing me. He tried all means of tactics to convince me that going for the medical test to bglore, was worth the effort. I don't know how, but he finally convinced me! Sad part was that I couldn't contact Shon and Jayadevan to say this.[ they still bitch me for the time they wasted in Mysore , waiting for me, and I din turn up at all..sorry guys!]

12 of us [ or was it 13?] were taken to Mysore railway station. I was planning to calll home from the station. But we had to run for the train and hence couldn't call home. I was sure they will be worried, cause even they were sure I won't be involved in this upto this extent. A fellow cadet named Prakash had a small accident in between , and thus, we reached bangalore around 10pm with a casuality with us. It was only after we took him to hospital that I could call home. By the time, Pops had called the AFSB Mysore and knew abt me moving to Bangalore. We reached Institute of Aerospace Medicine near Airport, around 1 am. OMG! Hell of a day!

Next 10 days were the most jobless days of life, till then.[ I am a software engineer now, so the record doesnt exist anymore..:P]. We were supposed to undergo a very long boring series of medical check up sessions. Everyday forenoon, some session will be there. After 2 pm, we were free. Roamed around MG Road, BrigadeRoad etc everyday til we got sick of that. Forum and Garuda Mall wasnt there. KempFort was the Super Mall of bagalore. The Mess was awsome, royal food, royal stay and royal amenities. Still dont remember what all they checked. More than 20 X-Rays, One whole body Scan, measurment of physical features from tip to top, ECG,EEG etc etc.... and finally a full-strip physical check up. That was the funniest part of all.. hee hee hee........

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

A typical Working Day .....

Since I am having a tough time finding topics, and even tougher time finding some job to do, I am thinking of presenting a rough sketch of my daily schedule[ read it skedule,ishtyle!]....

Today:14th of March,2007 A.D

06.51 AM: "Jose, getup getup, ur turn to use the bath room, hurry up or we will miss the bus"

07.59 AM: "Beep...." Dont misunderstand, dats the sound of me swiping inside my work place

08.10 AM: My daily exercise of deleting forwards, mite take some time.. plzz bear.....

09.05 AM: Blogging in mother toungue is a wonderful experience, having the feel of it now!

09.20AM : Got this weird Idea, implementing it

09.30 AM: Time for a tea break.....

10.30 AM: Seems four of my teammates mite leave for HYD ths weekend....discussions going on...nyways, I am out of the lot...Peace..

11.30 AM: Have a new topic to work upon, Blogging in malayalam!!![]

12.30 PM: Lunch Break, with Malppaan Kunjettan, Gymman Darshan, Antonio etc..

1.00 PM: Regular Sweat session in Basket Ball Court. Only physical exercise in 24 hours..

2.00 PM: Spoorthy wants to treat Us, since she is leaving for chweet of her! WIsh other 3 also have the same feeling...

മലയാളം ബ്ലോഗ് !!!

എല്ലാവര്‍ക്കും തിമിരം , നമ്മള്‍ക്കെല്ലാവര്‍ക്കും തിമിരം,
മങ്ങിയ കാഴ്ച കള്‍ കണ്‍ഡു മടുത്തു, കണ്ണടകള്‍ വേണം,കണ്ണടകള്‍ വേണം....

മുരുഗന്‍ കാട്ടാക്കട


മഹാകവി വള്ള്ത്തോള്‍ പാടിയതു പോലെ...

" എത്ര വിദേശഭാഷാഭിജ്ഞനാകിലും,മര്‍ത്യനു തന്‍ ഭാഷ ഒന്നു കൊണ്‍ഡേ
ശക്തിയുണ്‍ഡായ് വരൂ ശക്തിമക്താകിയ ഹ്രിദ്വികാരത്തെ വെളിപ്പെടുത്താന്‍....."

ചില്ലറ അക്ഷരപിശകുകള്‍ പൊറുക്കാനും മറക്കാനും അപേക്ഷ!
ഇനിയും എഴുതാം....

Monday, March 12, 2007


Hey, I have seen in many blogs that people trying to translate Malayalam poems to english.. and the best work I have seen is Rakesh's..[]Today, with nothing else to do, I tried the idea with many poems I know but nothing seems to be working..So I m just trying something from the humorous point of view...

This is the honest translation of a famous Malayalam film Song.....atleast, thats what I m trying to do .And this cant be challenged in any Court of Law in India.....

" Hey Shameful Girl, In the corner of your naughty eyes..
Is that a flower, or a Lotus string or Honey or lovely moonlight ..
Is that raindrop, or a Coriander bud,or a fish or a rainbow..
Stay close to me touching; hey Touch-me-not girl..
Hey my princess, who lives in the castle in the Sky..

I recollected our childhood, when we built tiny little huts with crystal stones from the pure river..
the time when we rowed the tiny boat together..
Did you forget those days, when we shared the ripe mangoes with the squirrel?
Those sweet moments, these sweet moments....
I wonder which spell of magic is framing itself as Love...

RIP(Rest Is being Prepared.)

Thursday, March 8, 2007

For the Whizz Kid..

From now, the rain wont trouble Us.

Neither will the hot Sun.

'Cause I have a shelter in You,and I am one for You.

No more Cold chill, when We are warm in each other's embrace.

Now there is no Lonliness, there is one life before Us;

One Dream.. One Fate.. One single Destiny.

When dusk falls, I will turn around to see you with me,

I will take your hand and You will take mine.

And together We will turn back to the see the road We travelled,

to reach here-this moment of happiness.

Face front, the future lies ahead of Us.

A long winding walkway going beyond the horizon.

Every turning may reveal new hopes, shared laughter,

and a few drops of tears, God knows what all.

The Adventure has just begun....!

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

National Defence Academy:Part 2

Four days of selection and screening followed.. Cant recall how many exams I wrote.. None of them were very difficult or brain storming...Majority needed quick thinking and action. Like writing a story about a displayed picture in 3 minutes, Writing a complete sentence with a displayed word in half a minute, 60 such words attempted continously..etc etc. Once I put myself in the arena, I started enjoying the schedule. Early getup and Fall Inn, regular meals, TV and TT during breaks, Mysore City roaming etc were fun, particularly when there were people from all parts of India with me. Just like wherever i went, we formed a gang pretty soon. Me,Shon, Lygin, Lygin's friend from Kollam( Sorry man, I forgot ur name), Hari, KP, Jayadevan etc...

After 2 more days of classroom activities, we moved out to the physical part of the SSB. Oops! I really din want that to happen. Even in those days, I looked very athletic and fit, but I was very poor as far as the physical standards were considered. Initially we had group tasks, where a group of 8 had to perform some physical tasks. Again a smaller group where each one leads a team of 3 to some other task. Managed to overcome all those somehow. then came the worst part. Individual task test.

10 obstacles.. each one carrying as much point as the number of the item..Hope it makes it clear, the easiest one is No:1 and the most difficult one No:10. Once you finish all of them you are allowed to repeat any of the 10 items untill yur stipulated time of 3 min run out.

The officer started calling our numbers. Guys from military schools and all were bzzy finishing the 10 items and repeating the 10th one[ A 15 foot rope to climb up and down]... Even I started with full Josh....One.....Two.....Three.... Four... Five.. Si..err... Six wasnt that easy.. tried two more time but no use. I just glanced through the rest four items. Being a realistic and practical guy, I returned to the officer. He asked me to continue since I had more than one minute left. But i called it a quit. On our way to candidate mess, guys were discussing the points they scored. Happened to know that 95 was the max scored and overall average was almost 40. Guess, how much I scored? Better Calcualte it! When i said Fifteen, everyone replied" Fifty? tahts a good score man" . Once I corrected, majority gave me a kind of a weird look. They might have thought that I am bluffing them.. ha ha....

Then came the Personal Interview... I had with me only a sports shoes and some really freak shirts... Afterall, i was not at all planning to stay there for more than a couple of days.. So, I dressed up myself in a very informal attire for the personal interview. But my friend from Kollam, was shouting at me about my dress code. He forced me to wear a full sleeves of his, and to use the REd Tape shoes of his for the interview. Poor me, never knew or cared to know all this.... Interview was my best show in the whole SSB i think... The person who interviewed me was a very senior Officer, a Lt Colonel I think.. He was very cordial and friendly.. After enquiring about my academic history so far, he asked me to say about my district<>, about my daily routine etc. Then he asked me about my views on LTTE issue in SriLanka... I took my time to pour out whatever I know abt the matter. He seemed to be happy with it. Then came the Pak issue. Again I managed a fair response. Finally he asked me if I had any questions. I asked him about the frequent MIG crashes and he patiently assured me its not just because of the defective planes, its because of the careless pilots also. And he concluded saying that " Jose, we need smart pilots like you".. WOW! I enjoyed that.. he he......[2 be contd...]

PS: Me details will remain in the military records as No:32,M-NDA 6082,No:2 AFSB, Mysore for ever and ever......

Is there a better quote..???

During his battle with AIDS, from the world over, Arthur Ashe received letters from his

fans, one of which asked: "Why does God have to select you for such a bad disease"?

To this Arthur Ashe replied: The world over -- 50,000,000 children start playing tennis,

5,000,000 learn to play tennis, 500,000 learn professional tennis, 50,000 come to the circuit,

5,000 reach the grand slam, 50 reach Wimbledon, 4 to the semi-finals, 2 to the finals, When I

was holding a cup I never asked God "Why me?" And today in pain I should not be asking God,

"Why me?"

Monday, March 5, 2007

The Ten Commandments......

Hello Girl......

Do pay time to read the follwing guidelines...

1. You must have a good sense of humour.............
I hate explaning my jokes . Let me have my share of laughter for genuine jokes.

2. You must be God fearing......
I am proud and honoured to say that I am one......

3. You must be a 'family' girl.......
I really like gals with " I Dont Care " attitude.....But not 4 me! Frequency mismatch!

4. You must be proficient enough about Malayalam Films, Music and Literature.
I prefer topics of discussion like Mohanlal' s adaptability , (late)Raveendran's Versatility or (late) Basheer's Genuinity[ again the rhyme!] .. than.. Al Paccino, Iron Maiden or Orhan Pamuk.....

5. You must be a real keralite
Not just in words,in all means. I personally prefer to settle back in Kumarakom, my home land. And i guess it will be mutually beneficial if you too can....I too agree that its good to be in California, London or Melbourne. But, no place is as good as your own place.

6. You must have basic info about Politics,atleast Kerala Politics
Initially I dont mind which stream of thought you belong to, I m sure I will eventually deviate you back to mine..[:)].. But a stand like " I am not interested in Politics" makes you a Moron, Socially Impotent and above all "not qualified" for me....

7.You must cook well..atleast fish....

I am very sensitive to the food that i gulp down.. Not at all a junkie.... So a god cooking hand is always a plus point.... I am a strictly non veggie...

8. You must not be a HeadMistress, Warden, Jailor or Mentor for me....Take your place..Stay there...

9. The Red Traingle might not be applicable to Us always...

If you need an explanation, Come after a few years.....

10. Freedom of Life

I live the life the way I like to live, and You live the life the way I want you to live... Yeah!!! I will be an autocrat!!!!!!!

NB: the "Girl" I mentioned above, is the One who is there waiting for me... I m sure many wont be able to agree with all these terms and conditions...So this will help me find that single lucky privileged Angel of mine....:)

Sunday, March 4, 2007

My Portfolio....

Thanx Aswin[], I was smoking my brains out for a Blog theme... oops.... may be u too copied it from some one .. doesnt matter....

1. Yourself: Born Mature[ Don cry aaahh..!!, mymom says so, my school mates say so, even my teachers say so], I m not very keen to be acquainted to each and everyone I come across. But once tagged, thats for a life time. Those who are lost in between, I really take pain to track them back.

2. Your galfriend/spouse: Hmm??? Lemme me ask her what she is....[:)]

3. Your hair: The very normal 'ishtyle' that every saloon can provide... in Malayalam its called "Patta", dont know the anglo counterpart.

4.Your Parents: The best Double Team I have ever seen. hey I mean it! Dont know how two people of entirely contrasting life styles and visions can pair up to be the most effective Couple in town. The preachers of Arranged Marriages may highlight them as perfect epitomes for their cause[ with my consent..:)].. Appa is an easy going, a bit careless and ' take-life-as-and-when-it-comes ' kinda person... Amma, for the last 24 years, was trying hard to make her Husband and her two " born-to- father" [Yadha Pitha, Thadha Puthra]sons ,understand that there should be some kind of an order for everything in life...poor amma.... evide nannakan???? I am an ambitious guy, but my ambitions are very primitive and simple. And the best among them is I too want a family life just like this.. Not a penny more, Not a penny less!

5. Your dream last night: I dream every single night, but 5 min after I getup I forget everything. Dont think it unusual, many people have the same experience daily. So will update this query some other time..

6. Your favorite drink: [a]Tea..strong tea.. real strong tea.....
[b] Toddy....fresh, fizzy, sweet!

7. Your dream car: Mitzz Lancer[ I told na? I dont dream wild]

8. The room you are in: My bedroom for the last 6 months....No:22, 4th Cross, II Main, Vidyaranyapura, Bangalore

9. Your ex: Sometimes, Silence speaks louder than words.

10. Your fear: Losing myself in the modern vibrant virtual world.

11. What do you want to be in 10 years? : Jose Joseph IAS, District Collector, Alleppey[ Y alleppey? I like the Collector's Residence in Allepey.. Near the beach....]

12. Who you hung out with last Sunday ? Had a nice time with Husain, Vidhu and Soumya. Saw the movie "Bridge to Terabithya"[ Thanx Adeeth!]..Lunch....Afternoon session of Soumya's nonstop laathicharge... How can a person talk in such terrific quantities???

13. What you're not? A flirt....

14. One of your dream shots: Presidentship of my country[The max an Indian can dream logically]

15. Time: Never waits .......

16. The last thing you did: Attended a phone call

17. What are you wearing? Bedroom attire....Night Trouser and a Tee

18. Your favorite weather:My Kumarakom, My Heaven

19. Your favorite book: Khasakinte Ithihasam.. DOnno how many more time I should read it to understand what the Master had in his mind[ May his soul, RIP]

20. The last thing you ate: A few banana chips...

21. Your life: Taking its due course, mild bends at regular intervals, yet to face a sharp deviation but I am expecting one in the near future

22. Your mood:Always Jolly, Masth majaa maadi!

23. Your best friend: Vidhu Mariam George

24. What are you thinking about right now? About the topic of Indian freedom struggle I am planning to finish today

25. Your car: The good old maruthi Omni at home...I can do wonders* when I am on its wheel

[*-Conditions Apply]

26. What are you doing at the moment? I am bzzy climbing down the Mt.Everest with my both hands in cuffs[ He He, i wanted to prick U for nothng, hence the question and the qweird answer.. Meya Kulpaa]

27. What is the weather like? Pleasant

28. When is the last time you laughed? Thats not a good question for Me, I luv laughing real loud and making others laugh with me....

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

National Defence Academy...

My brief stinct with the National Defence Academy , Khadkwasla , Pune remains and wil remain ever as one of the most thrilling experience in ma whole life.....

The story begins around Nov 2001, if ma memory is correct.. My classmates were discsuuing about a competitive exam about which i hadnt heared before that.. and it was called the NDA exam...the fact abt the exam that attracted me the most was that the cost of the application form was just Rs.70/-... Entrance exam of my state costed ten times..yes.. 700/-... so I too decided to buy a form, after all just 70 bucks na?.. After 2 months everyone started getting the acknowledgment cards, but i din get one....was sad.. not bekos of the lost chance,but of the lost 70rupees.... Cud have seen two movies instead....

I din feel anythng when all those frends started getting their Hall Tickets.. How can I expect one wthout getting an acknowledgment card? Suddenly, just before 3 days of the exam, i got mine.... Exam centre was Maharaja's College ,EKm... Just to enjoy the one day trip with frenz, I decided to give a try. Din have a single clue wat the exam was all about.....:)

Exam was easier than I expected.... Engish, Basic sciences and GK.... I was surprised to see people standing outside the exam centre to canvas students for NDA Interview training.. I neva knew there were a group called NDA aspirants and NDA coaching centres......

Results and SSB Card came when i was bzzy enjoying my post-entrance days....With nothing else to do the whole day, i was tangled to the various mega serials of TV.Fearing that I mite turn up a modern-Madhumohan, Pops asked me to go for the SSB.. oh... for those who dont know what that is .. SSB is Service Selection Board.. even I din know till that day. I took it as a tour for which the TA,Stay and food is availiable.....Off to No:2 AFSB,Mysore with two of my close friends Siju and Shon....

We had to attend a test called PABT(Pilot Aptitude battery Test). it was said that for all those who wish to try the Air Force Wing of NDA should pass the test. It had 3 sections, first one was a pictorial multiple choice test, but the next tow sections were real interesting. We were made to play two Video games!! I managed to pass it somewhat easily...Also came one aptitude test and a GD session...Siju was screened out in the second day elimination. I too was not very comfortable with the so called "rigid" rules of that campus. SO when he was about to leave , I met our Officer-in-Charge, to ask permission to leave. He was a Sqaudron Leader of IAF. He tried to persuade me back to the Camp, but I sticked to my decision. Finnaly he pulled out his trump card.." No TA for voluntary back-offs".. Oops.. I cudnt do that. So, back to the Candidate Mess...:(....[ 2 be continued].......

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

NTSE Camp,Maria Park,April 2000.....

Long before Orkut and mySpace came, this was my first oppurtunity for an inter-district "social networking"..... and it took 6 long years for the TIME Mag to felicitate me as The Person of the Year for the Social Netwoking initiatives i took....

Around 180 students from various educational backgrounds(CBSE , ICSE,ICICI,ISI..I donno wat all abbrevs they have.. and yeah ! the superior class to which I belonged, STATE SYLLABUS!!...),after a prelims test, were summoned to a posh resort in Cochin for three weeks of intense training for the national level test of NTSE....

I was the only one from ma school, but had many friends from my district whom I had met through various programs...So , as soon as father left, I started refreshing all acqaintences...but I was alloted to a room where all inmates were fresh faces for me....But it was just a matter of time b4 a gang formed....... still remember each one of 'em.....

Elvis, Anilesh,Sreenath,Sharath,Me,Sreeresh,Gautham,Sujith and all others.....Hey Guys... this one is for U people......Cheerz!

We had to attend various sessions from 9.30 to 5 pm daily.. All subjects were covered in a very brief manner.. hey I am sorry, 'cause i don relly remember much about those classes and all... Was a regular dozzer in all sessions except Mental Ability .. not becase I am damn good in it.. the tutor was a very short-tempered guy from Chennai, and I din want to be yelled in public...:)

Afetr 5pm, its leasure time. We used to play Basket Ball there, i think the very first time in ma life... Late evenings were for cultural events. Thats where our gang took charge. Managed some kinda DEMO every day.....

Really enjoyed those 3 weeks..(22 days to be specific).. Still have many of them in close company....

Monday, January 15, 2007

DVHS....where I learend what life is....

After spending 6 years in a CBSE school(engleeeesh medium!).... it was in March 1996 that I shifted to Devi Vilasom High School,Kumaranalloor, of type of the typical locals school one can find in all villages of kerala. Even though the school belonged to the local temple admin, it was a govt aided school .So, it was a very contrasting change for me. I entered the school to write the final exam of Std:6, many of the subjects new to me. I managed to learn all of them in just 2 weeks. All I needed was a pass mark and hence wasnt tense much.

Life took a new turn from Std:7... From the tiresome strictness of a so called "high level" school.. I was re-enetring the common man's world.... YEs! my years in DVHS made me a common man.. so U are owing DVHS a cheer, cause else U wudnt be reading this. Indian tradition insists that " Teacher is God".. I never had felt it b4 i reached DVHS.... i still remember each and every one of them..... from Saavithri Antharjanam, my class teacher in Std:7 , to Suma teacher who was the Headmistress of the School when I passed out.

DVHS taught me many things:

1. That all classes are not to be attended..or CLASS BUNKING...

2. How to eat Sip-Ups..... PRIMITIVE FREAKIN OUT....

3. Over exposure to SUN wont burn you alive, it just darkens you....

4. Mango,Tamarind etc are gud to eat when its raw. Its even better , if it belongs to someone else...

5.There are schools which take 25ps as Library fees and 50ps as Laboratory fees

blahhh ...blahh.....

and above all

N) The most versatile yet simple, fierce yet romantic, structured yet user-friendly language is my mother toungue MALAYALAM........

" Samskrutha Bhasha than Swaabhavikojjassum...
Saakshaal Thamizhinte Soundharyavum......
Othu chernnulloru Bhashayanen Bhaasha....
Mathadikolkabhimaaname Nee...."....

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Whole the world is a stage.....

The Stage has fascinated me ever since I could distinguish myself from my mirror image... It's always a pleasure to have the feeling that some one is watching you...[ May be not in an Examination Hall...:-)...]..

I had my first real time experinece when i was a KG student... back in 1988... my purpose was to deliver a speech on ONAM at my KG.. the whole operation ended up as an utter failure... all I could manage to say was around 6,I forgot...! I still have those pictures of me, walking bak to mom, with watery eyes. But i didn't cry till I reached her. And it all burst out.... I couldnt bear the agony anymore.. I was humiliated.......

My teacher at KG( she was a Nun, don remembr her name) again asked me to learn a pseech for the Xmas celeb.... goin back to the stage was somethng I never ever wanted to do.. but she insisted... Mom took real pain preparing for it. and the D Day came... but this time it went OK...My teacher presented me a gift for it, Actually the Santa himself gave me it. That was enough for me to forget the salty tears that i shed a few months b4 that.....

And in the next few months, I went on that stage many times.... once as an actor, many time as a speaker and the main thing, as a "Kaaadhikan".... with a 'Kadhaprasangam' based on the touching poem by Vylopally titled "Mampazham"..... I still have that photo of mine wearing silk shirt and dhothi( I was hardly 4 feet tall!)... with a thin moustache drawn for the dramatic effect....For those who dont the poem. it is a traic story where the last 3 min echoes utmost pathos....i managed to create the mood among the audience, I m sure!

It so happened in my first standard that, when i was delivering a speech, i forgot to zip up my pants and the shirt that i had tucked in pokd out of my zip. The pants was white in colour and the shirt was bright short, it was visible till the end of the hall..:-)

From my secondary school, I was very much active in various extra curricular activs that I came across, but still the theatre attracted me the most.

I wrote ma first drama and directed wen i was a 7th standard student....based on the prodigal son's story in bible.... story comfortably abridged to the socio-economic backgrond of Kerala... he he.... Writing the script was easier, but directing a herd of bully boys was the most diffcult thing.. Sumesh,Varun,Siju,Sailesh,Patta etc.. And when we were peforming , after half way through, every one lost their concentration.. characters started appearing in scenes in which they are not supposed to come...funny naa?

Even after all those years.. i still feel that excitement and enthu.. whenever i face an audience.....

Friday, January 12, 2007


Both of U mite be wondering wat that title mean....( 'm damn sure only my greatest closet oops...closest dearest two friends will only take the pain to go through whatever crap i post

WAI: in chatrooms it is What AN Idiot......

but I used this to represnt the most asked and thought of question ever mankind has seen... Who AM I??

No..No.. dont think wild..... its not abt how I spent sleepless lectures in class , thinking about the core supreme powers of the world .... or how Earth manages to round the Sun in exact an year.... or why Pam Anderz still rulz the thoughts and emotions(muhaha...) of the masculine gender of is just to make you people know Who/What I am.... not because it is necessary for you to know that....Its jst because the elite mind called Jacob Varghese , who introduced me to this world gave me three golden rules of Blogging...

1. It doesnt matter whether you post film song lyrics or mild porn stories, ur blogpage name should suggest that You are something....

2.No one is there to launch U king Size, except U.... so better the first or second blog be the White Paper that you publish abt urself..... no one is gonna check the credentials...and even if someone dares, existing Laws cant punish you for furnishing false info ......

3.Comments: Give them good,get them better. Give them bad, get ready for the worst!

So here it goes...

I am Jose Joseph, belong to the engineer family of the social animal class called Humans... born and brought up in the greenish,wildish and childish land called Kumarakom in Kerala.(If you are illiterate enough not to know that kerala is in India, better shut this off and finish your sixth grade homework....) Always tried to live life as it came, but I also maKe it sure that it comes the way I want it to come..... Got a wide range of frens and I am proud of that.....I do luv everyone, but I am not that moron to express that to everone..... always keeps around me, an invisible wall of seriosness, with lots of pocket holes....

I love to life live the way my parents are living it...simple yet honoured....