Monday, March 12, 2007


Hey, I have seen in many blogs that people trying to translate Malayalam poems to english.. and the best work I have seen is Rakesh's..[]Today, with nothing else to do, I tried the idea with many poems I know but nothing seems to be working..So I m just trying something from the humorous point of view...

This is the honest translation of a famous Malayalam film Song.....atleast, thats what I m trying to do .And this cant be challenged in any Court of Law in India.....

" Hey Shameful Girl, In the corner of your naughty eyes..
Is that a flower, or a Lotus string or Honey or lovely moonlight ..
Is that raindrop, or a Coriander bud,or a fish or a rainbow..
Stay close to me touching; hey Touch-me-not girl..
Hey my princess, who lives in the castle in the Sky..

I recollected our childhood, when we built tiny little huts with crystal stones from the pure river..
the time when we rowed the tiny boat together..
Did you forget those days, when we shared the ripe mangoes with the squirrel?
Those sweet moments, these sweet moments....
I wonder which spell of magic is framing itself as Love...

RIP(Rest Is being Prepared.)

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