Friday, December 7, 2007

Bye Bye Microsoft..

After a short tenure of 4 months in Microsoft, we are leaving the place in another 45 minutes.

Though I came in as a replacement, I could really get into the groove in a short time. The efforts produced good results, though were not adequtely appreciated. But I am happy with the 130+ days I spent with this team.

Going back to regular shift is good from health perspective, but I am really gonna miss the pickup cabs, free-yet-wonderful food, excellent facilities and above all , unrestricted net usage.

The assignment also gave some real good friends, none of them the freaky freaky types, and I was one among them in no time.

The work pressure, team meetings, dinner breaks , foosball sessions, team outings - all gonna be remain as fresh memories for a long time.

Thank you one and all...