Wednesday, March 21, 2007

National Defence Academy:Part 3

Finally, the D Day came. Everyone was real tensed about the result. Even i was tensed, not about the result, about the class gettogether we had arranged in Husain's house that week. I was damn sure that I will be home in another 24 hours.

Sqn. Leader. Pankaj Jha started calling out the numbers of selected candidates. After No:28, I was almost sure No:31 would be the next, he was a friend of mine. So I was getting myself ready to clap for him, and I heared the sound " Number Thirty...Two"....and I started clapping. It took almost 10 secs for me to understand that it was my number. Oh Shit! I din want this. I knew that it would be very difficult to go out,taking the TA.

We were called upon stage, and some senior officer gave us an IAF cap. WOW! i felt good! Ok.. Thank You... I am Happy.... But i want to go home! Now the Sqn Leader was looking at me with a frown.... " Whats bugging you soo much Jose? anyway we will talk later. First let me see off those who din make it".....So, my friends Shon and Jayadevan left before me to Mysore City. I asked them to wait for me in City and book a ticket for me to go home, as I had decided to leave Mysore with them. After they left, officer started brainwashing me. He tried all means of tactics to convince me that going for the medical test to bglore, was worth the effort. I don't know how, but he finally convinced me! Sad part was that I couldn't contact Shon and Jayadevan to say this.[ they still bitch me for the time they wasted in Mysore , waiting for me, and I din turn up at all..sorry guys!]

12 of us [ or was it 13?] were taken to Mysore railway station. I was planning to calll home from the station. But we had to run for the train and hence couldn't call home. I was sure they will be worried, cause even they were sure I won't be involved in this upto this extent. A fellow cadet named Prakash had a small accident in between , and thus, we reached bangalore around 10pm with a casuality with us. It was only after we took him to hospital that I could call home. By the time, Pops had called the AFSB Mysore and knew abt me moving to Bangalore. We reached Institute of Aerospace Medicine near Airport, around 1 am. OMG! Hell of a day!

Next 10 days were the most jobless days of life, till then.[ I am a software engineer now, so the record doesnt exist anymore..:P]. We were supposed to undergo a very long boring series of medical check up sessions. Everyday forenoon, some session will be there. After 2 pm, we were free. Roamed around MG Road, BrigadeRoad etc everyday til we got sick of that. Forum and Garuda Mall wasnt there. KempFort was the Super Mall of bagalore. The Mess was awsome, royal food, royal stay and royal amenities. Still dont remember what all they checked. More than 20 X-Rays, One whole body Scan, measurment of physical features from tip to top, ECG,EEG etc etc.... and finally a full-strip physical check up. That was the funniest part of all.. hee hee hee........


karthik said...

Hi, i am karthik,i got recommended by the Airforce Selection Board,i am going to attend the medical checkup very soon. i want to know what are the checkups that are being taken at the IAM, and precautionary steps that are to be taken before going there.
thanks in advance...

The Common Man | പ്രാരാബ്ദം said...

Hi Karthik,

It has been 6 years since I attened the medical test and I dont realy remember the procedure exactly. But there is nothing much we can do about this, they are going to analyze your body tip to toe, and I think all you can do is to maintain your weight under regular standards. If not, they will make you temporary unfit and ask you to report after one month, with weight reduced[ I was asked to !]