Wednesday, March 11, 2009

MTV Roadies - Hell Down Under- Post 2

Roadies is the show of the unexpected!- This statement has been given so much hype that the audience themselves think about all possible unexpected twists the show can have, even before Raghu/Ranvijay discloses what the twist is.

And the Roadies team the mistake of revealing one of these twists in the form of trailers. Hence Sufi, Nauman and Palak returning to the show was not as big a shocker it was supposed to be.

The water ball task looked cool, I personaly would like to do that some time.

Bye Bye Pradeep- You were supposed to be the "Singh is Kingh", but you were more of the Santa-Banta type.

Bye Bye Kiri - You were not to the par, never!

Bye Bye Bobbie- After all the unexpected limelight....

and Bye Bye Sandeep - Good work till now, but I would like to see Natasha single! [:P]