Tuesday, January 6, 2009

India broadcasted abroad....

Yesterday, I managed to complete two works of Art, which was being discussed across the world recently.

1. The White Tiger

The debut novel from Aravind Adiga was in the News after winning the coveted Booker Prize for 2008. And last time when I went to the Kottayam Public Library, I asked for the book and fortunately they had a copy avaliable. Started reading it on Monday and completed it yesterday.

I am not the one to right a review on the book. So many have done that. But I just think if that novel can make it to the Booker, many people in India who write in their vernalculars should seriously think about writing in English.

2. Slumdog Millionaire

This was a complete surprise for me. I remember reading the novel Q and A , during my college days. Someone in my hostel had a copy, and it reached me one fine day. I started reading it just to kill some spare time, and completed it in one go. I found the novel really interesting. It did not have the hype and hoolah of Chethan Bhagath's novels, which were becoming Icons of English Fiction of India. And over a period of time, even I forgot about the novel.

Last week, I came across the review of a new Hollywood movie, based in India, called Slumdog Millionaire, and the Plot was so familiar to me.

Yesterday, I watched the movie. If I remeber correctly, the movie version has a different life for the Hero, and hence different set of questions. But they have done a nice job.

Screen Play Writer Chethan Bhagath may kindly refer this movie to understand , how to create good screenplays from books.