Sunday, March 4, 2007

My Portfolio....

Thanx Aswin[], I was smoking my brains out for a Blog theme... oops.... may be u too copied it from some one .. doesnt matter....

1. Yourself: Born Mature[ Don cry aaahh..!!, mymom says so, my school mates say so, even my teachers say so], I m not very keen to be acquainted to each and everyone I come across. But once tagged, thats for a life time. Those who are lost in between, I really take pain to track them back.

2. Your galfriend/spouse: Hmm??? Lemme me ask her what she is....[:)]

3. Your hair: The very normal 'ishtyle' that every saloon can provide... in Malayalam its called "Patta", dont know the anglo counterpart.

4.Your Parents: The best Double Team I have ever seen. hey I mean it! Dont know how two people of entirely contrasting life styles and visions can pair up to be the most effective Couple in town. The preachers of Arranged Marriages may highlight them as perfect epitomes for their cause[ with my consent..:)].. Appa is an easy going, a bit careless and ' take-life-as-and-when-it-comes ' kinda person... Amma, for the last 24 years, was trying hard to make her Husband and her two " born-to- father" [Yadha Pitha, Thadha Puthra]sons ,understand that there should be some kind of an order for everything in life...poor amma.... evide nannakan???? I am an ambitious guy, but my ambitions are very primitive and simple. And the best among them is I too want a family life just like this.. Not a penny more, Not a penny less!

5. Your dream last night: I dream every single night, but 5 min after I getup I forget everything. Dont think it unusual, many people have the same experience daily. So will update this query some other time..

6. Your favorite drink: [a]Tea..strong tea.. real strong tea.....
[b] Toddy....fresh, fizzy, sweet!

7. Your dream car: Mitzz Lancer[ I told na? I dont dream wild]

8. The room you are in: My bedroom for the last 6 months....No:22, 4th Cross, II Main, Vidyaranyapura, Bangalore

9. Your ex: Sometimes, Silence speaks louder than words.

10. Your fear: Losing myself in the modern vibrant virtual world.

11. What do you want to be in 10 years? : Jose Joseph IAS, District Collector, Alleppey[ Y alleppey? I like the Collector's Residence in Allepey.. Near the beach....]

12. Who you hung out with last Sunday ? Had a nice time with Husain, Vidhu and Soumya. Saw the movie "Bridge to Terabithya"[ Thanx Adeeth!]..Lunch....Afternoon session of Soumya's nonstop laathicharge... How can a person talk in such terrific quantities???

13. What you're not? A flirt....

14. One of your dream shots: Presidentship of my country[The max an Indian can dream logically]

15. Time: Never waits .......

16. The last thing you did: Attended a phone call

17. What are you wearing? Bedroom attire....Night Trouser and a Tee

18. Your favorite weather:My Kumarakom, My Heaven

19. Your favorite book: Khasakinte Ithihasam.. DOnno how many more time I should read it to understand what the Master had in his mind[ May his soul, RIP]

20. The last thing you ate: A few banana chips...

21. Your life: Taking its due course, mild bends at regular intervals, yet to face a sharp deviation but I am expecting one in the near future

22. Your mood:Always Jolly, Masth majaa maadi!

23. Your best friend: Vidhu Mariam George

24. What are you thinking about right now? About the topic of Indian freedom struggle I am planning to finish today

25. Your car: The good old maruthi Omni at home...I can do wonders* when I am on its wheel

[*-Conditions Apply]

26. What are you doing at the moment? I am bzzy climbing down the Mt.Everest with my both hands in cuffs[ He He, i wanted to prick U for nothng, hence the question and the qweird answer.. Meya Kulpaa]

27. What is the weather like? Pleasant

28. When is the last time you laughed? Thats not a good question for Me, I luv laughing real loud and making others laugh with me....

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