Thursday, March 8, 2007

For the Whizz Kid..

From now, the rain wont trouble Us.

Neither will the hot Sun.

'Cause I have a shelter in You,and I am one for You.

No more Cold chill, when We are warm in each other's embrace.

Now there is no Lonliness, there is one life before Us;

One Dream.. One Fate.. One single Destiny.

When dusk falls, I will turn around to see you with me,

I will take your hand and You will take mine.

And together We will turn back to the see the road We travelled,

to reach here-this moment of happiness.

Face front, the future lies ahead of Us.

A long winding walkway going beyond the horizon.

Every turning may reveal new hopes, shared laughter,

and a few drops of tears, God knows what all.

The Adventure has just begun....!


literature lover said...

didn't know u are a poet too........
ur, blog,the one about DVHS, was really touching...The language you use in ur blog, man, really appealing... u should update ur blog more often... There is a possibilty of next booker prize from the back water region of kumarakam.... i mean it...isee, not all engineering grads are mathematical slaves...keepit up.....

Meenaxie said...

Good work :)
keep posting.

Anonymous said...

good work