Thursday, September 13, 2007

Virginity is Dignity! Not a matter of speculation....

Malayala Manorama is having the largest number of daily circulation, among all regional newspapers of India. In a country with 28 states and many many newspapers for each state, it is a commendable achievement for a Malayalam daily to lead the group since the population of Kerala does not constitute even 5% of the total population of India. But it also should be mentoned that the high literacy rate of the state is a reason for this. Also, Mallus , in general, are very partcular to keep themselves updated about the day to day incidents on this planet. [ But majoirty of them never care to respond to any of them, Irony!]

The Week, an english fortnightly from the MM group, had been in the market for quite a while and has got the reputation of a good mag, though not the best of its kind.But the latest edition of the The Week has crossed all limits of investigative journalism , or whatever crap they call for these kinda stinking/sting operations and surveys. The million dollar discovery they have made is going to shake the entire morale infrastructure of the country...." 34% of the teenagers of our country are not virgins any more!!!!"... Don't faint: " Another 10+ % have stated that they wont be virgins when they marry!!!!" Isn't that shocking??

The political scenerio of the country is at a crucial point these days. Terms like 'Hyde Act' and '123 agreement' are filling the headlines in a regular basis. People in Indraprastha have already started thinking about a probable mid-term election to the Lower House. But whats the point in having a stable government, atomic policy and healthy international pacts, if the Teenage population don't maintain their Chastity!

Media have always tried to exploit the soft sentiments of the audience with pieces of news, which appear non-dangerous in first sight , but malicious in the essence. They have spoilt the lifes of innocent souls, many of them being helpless rape victims or having a history similar to that, with colourful, steaming articles and live coverages. And the shameless society, of which I am also a part, have enjoyed them with a satisfaction that we get from a soft porn story, than a news, I confess. Personalisation of a these kinds of sensual events often keep the culprits in the background.

But more dangerous is the generalisation of these topics. What is the message that Week provides with that historical survey study? That every third teenager on the street is not a virgin anymore? That the budding generation of this country is losing their patience to enjoy the 'eternal' pleasure? I am so ashamed to listen this! And so do millions in this country. How can you bring out these kind of third rate analysis studies, after the so called secret surveys you conduct? The people in this society are not fools to believe that 34% of the people who attended your survey[ if at all you conducted one!] confessed about their virginity. And nor can we believe that another 10 % disclosed their future plans.

Your parent newspaper has history of booming their circuation with stories, which were proved fabricated later. If you are planning the same, no body can help it I m sure. But plz understand the danger behind this. Every third girl in your family too will be looked upon as a non-virgin,'cause thats what your survey says!

Shame on You!


monu said...

Dear Jose

I agree with what u have written in your blog. Manorama and its publications always do some kind of stupid "statistical survey result" The topic will be always sensational and which can be either % of virgins to % of school gals who done abortion.

Week, Vanitha etc are full of crap like this. they are doing sensational journalism. and i remember a discussion going on in a blog about Manoramas "sensationalism". allmost all the bloggers who shared their views singled our Manorama groups publications.

kudos to u for boldly speaking the truth.

jo said...

good one..
check out for more sensational
news they ve brought about in the following edition..

Thattukada owner said...

Dude 34% out f 100% is not a big deal.Out of this 34% 5 % are those teenagers who get married early.
2% being raped by d thendees of our nation.So left is 27%. And its all knwon fact to us that teenage is the age whre our hormone rush is at its peak. Gettin an oppertunity is all needed.Manoramas finding is absolutely true.
For example in Bangalore itself 87% of teenage college students have lost their virginity.This survey was taken by our college gang for our magazine.y?? this is nt about sensational journalism its about accepting the facts.
As long as it remains as a fact no need to blame the reporters.

Kenney Jacob said...

34 % man... it means, every third friend I meet must be a non virgin. Shit.. I know only one non virgin in my engineering class !!!!!

Fuck statistics !!!

And about 80% in Bangalore !!! thats nonsense.. If you can have proof, ill invest a crore to start a condom factory there

Anonymous said...

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