Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Onam : Nostalgiyayude Askitha!


Long long ago, even when Onam was free from the Channel Wars and the Consumer hush-bush, I used to like this festival very much.

Those were the days when Doordarshan broadcasted a compartively new movie, compared to the ones they usually broadcast on sundays.

Those were the days when my Achachan made a swing for me and my brother, and we took turns to enjoy the ride.

Those were the days when I roamed around Kumarakom,seeing various kinda entertainments like Kakkakali and Vadamvali.

Those were the days when I went with cousins and friends to watch the procession and races of annual Kumarakom Boat Race.

Those were the days when I ate Banana chips upto my larynx.

Don't think that I am 60 year old man, spending his final days in Guantanamo Bay. I am presently located in Bangalore, but I couldnt go home yesterday for Onam. And today is the Kumarakom Boat Race day. ANd I feel reaaly bad, sitting 700kms away from my village, missing the cheer and fun of the whole event. And hence the blog.

Btw, I had real splendid Onam yesterday here in Bangalore. Thanks to Vidhu M George aka Vidhukuttan for the wonderful sadhya[feast]. I don't think none of my feasts at home was as grand as the one you gave yesterday. To conclude, let me try to list what all we had yesterday

1. Rice

2. Pickles

3. Injikkari

4. Pachadi

5. Chammandhi

6. Thoran

7. Elissery

8. Parippukari

9. Neyyu

10. Pulissery

11. Sambhar

12. Aviyal

13. Pacha moru

14. Pappadam

15. Upperi

16. Chakkara Varattiyathu

17. Paayasam

Enthaa pore?[ Need more?]

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