Monday, August 27, 2007

One year back, I joined my first job in Bangalore.

The story can end with the title, for nothing great has happened as far as my career is concerned. First came 3 months of formal training, which was more or less like College life-extended. And then free pool days in Electronics City. And then the specialised training for the DA Team. And then the long medical leave. ANd then the accident in campus. And the present assignment in Microsoft. Nothing can be pointed out as an outstanding achievement.

But life has indeed changed a great lot in the past 12 months.

I travelled in an AC compartment for a night journey for the first time when I came to join. Ofcourse, the company was paying for it!

I never knew that I could stay away from my family for a period as long as 70 days. Well, now I know that.

I never happened to see the great cook inside me. Now I am a celebrity chef to many.

I never knew what a PUB looked like. Now I know a few of 'em [ Yo! Yo]

But I still am the same orthodox, semi-modern, male/mallu chauvinist who happened to be in Bangalore as an engineer, just like he happened to be in an engineering college a few years back!

This post wont be an honest one if I dont mention a few names I came across in the last one year, whom i might not have seen if I didnt join my job here.

Prasanth Palaniswamy : The ever-enthu guy from Ramamurthi Nagar. Fate made him my taxi biker from the very second day , and the tradition still continues. Down to earth, music-freak, hardworking. Places to go Prashu!

The CET gang : Instead of naming each one of 'em , lemme thank all of 'em together for the wonderful company we had in the EC campus. You made my days much easier at times. May be I should mention Anoop Eka a.k.a Malppan and Aswin Raju a.k.a Paappaan here.

Sankarshana N: Shanku, you will make me smile. All through my life.

Liya Oommen : The attitude gal. We had many lunches and snacks together. I think I talked to her more than anyone, when I was inside the campus.

Parvathy n Rakhi: Met them through Soumya, havnet spend much time with 'em but they do have made a mark.

Anandan n Saravanakumar : My managers and mentors in my pursuit with C#. Ows a lot to them.

Josmy aka Tintu: Such a short time span of acquaintance and she is so close to me.

The list will go on. I know I must find space for Achayan, Adwaith,Anoop ,Aamir,Debashish,Fiona, Indranil, Manish, SPoorthy, Uzzal and many more, but then I am still as lazy as I used to be, an year ago.

So, thats it!

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Well done Comman Man! Congraz for the successful year!!!


Prashanth said...

yo maaan!!!!
firstly i am not from ramamurthi nagar.....secondly i have a 'H' in my name and no 'W'....prasHanth palanis()amy.....and thirdly i dont like being called a taxi... :).... anyway its true dude...nuthin substantial has happ over the year...anyway hope (i know it !!)..something happens in this year....and i hope ur bureaucratic career shifts gears .. :)....sayonara

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