Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Comrade: V S 'sMart' Achuthanandan!!

It takes a courage to stand against injustice...
But it takes many courages to indulge into it to correct it..

One year back, when the electorate of Kerala hailed the Left Democratic front to a thumping victory in the Asseble elections, they were expecting Com. VS to be something different. They wanted him to exibit the extinct feature called Political Willpower. And through the Smart city venture, Com.VS has given new meanings and dimensions to that term. The whole Smart City agreement was restructured an framed, and now the People of Kerala holds the batton of the show. Dubai Internet City is accountable and answerable to many governmental forums, with all legal implications. And I happened to overhear that ex-CM mr. Oommen Chandy had a tough time in some KPCC meeting, answering questions from V M Sudheeran regarding this.

Comrade VS, We dont really look back into history about your track record in politics. But now, thousands look onto you for hope, motivation and inspiration. Way to go leader, lal Salaam.!!


Rahul said...

letz see ,will this comrade succeed in developing a prospective agreement in the issue of ENgg/med seat

nAmBiAr said...

Nice blog buddae.. Keep it going..

cOOL_aLIEN_fRM_mARS said...

hmmm....small question are you for/against unions in the IT industry?

can you see what I am getting at?

The Common Man said...

@ rahul

me too waiting for it!

@ nambiar

thanx dude, will try to....


I have always favoured a governmental organisation to which all private firms are asnwerable, regarding their employment benefits, Labour issues and stuff... hope U can see what I am trying to say![:P]

Jay said...

750 watts a year depending on?
dont think you use google 24/7/365 do we? :o

P.S: apologies if i sound mean. Just wondering.