Tuesday, October 9, 2007


40 years ago, Ernesto Guevara de la Serna aka Che was assassinated in Bolivia.

Now, how is that going to be a matter of concern , if he was just a foolish person?

Plz don’t misinterpret, a close friend of mine asked me why did I put Che’s pic as my display picture in Orkut. But he asked it like this “..Why you kept the photo of such a foolish person as your profile photo ?..”. Now comes the question, Why do I adore Che when many intellectuals around me see him as a foolish person? [ I have heard people describing Che as a cruel cold blooded murderer, dictator, lunatic etc but this is the first time I am coming across this definition!]

I know that Che was a leader in South America in the 1950s and 60s, who , along with Fidel Castro, toppled the Baptista regime in Cuba through a revolution and establishes their government. Several people were assassinated during the days of the revolution, and as a prominent leader, Che was accused guilty for many of them. After a few years of service as a minister in the newly formed government, he said goodbye to the ministerial life and roamed around for new battlegrounds for action. He served in the military of Cuba, and later joined the liberation warriors of Bolivia and finally was assassinated during the struggle in Bolivia.

But I adore him not for just being a guerilla warrior, or a politician.

I adore him because
- He had the backbone to stand against anything he felt wrong
- He had the courage and will to work/struggle/fight for what he believed in.
- He had the vision to see a world without being influenced by the big bros
- His speech[http://www.rcgfrfi.easynet.co.uk/ww/guevara/1964-cid.htm] in UN still remains one of the most ferocious speeches in UN against the US policies. [.. How I wish to hear my PM saying something similar to that…]
- After all the struggle in Cuba, he never settled with the comfortable life as a Minister. Instead, he moved back his playground.

And above all….
→ He influenced/ is still influencing generations after him, to stand against injustice, against neo-imperialistic reforms and against colonial politics, all around the globe.

Call me an adolescent revolutionary romantic..... I can bear that!


nobody said...

Hey nice thought on che. even I respect that man just because of some of the reasons you gave on this page. But i would like to point out that che has now become an icon that smiles from a hundred t-shirts n urban india and ironically t-shirts that belong to a group of young blind indians with taste for coke and pizzas, ravishing the taste of the capitalist west. They adore the cubans too for that puff of havatampa cigars that gives them a chance to behave like che. What am trying to say is that idolising such a person is of no use. Even Che himself said that his generalisation of his experience as a guerrilla in Cuba led to his failure in Bolivia. What one can do now is just get inspired by him and show guts to stand up against the system and not trying to become another replica of him

Soumya said...

"Adolescent revolutionary romantic"....good one:-)

ജാബു | Jabu said...

Well Written Man.....I share similiar views with ou....