Monday, October 8, 2007

Perfect Monday...

It was almost 11.45 and I was waiting for the shuttle to Electronics City, near MG Road, Bangalore. Since the bus was scheduled for 12.00 noon, I was going through the pages of the Malayala Manorama newspaper, I had with me. I had noticed a very old, fair lady walking towards my side but didn’t care to give a second look. She looked somewhere around 75 and had wrinkles all over her face. Must be a foreigner who finally settled in Bangalore, I thought. Now, that does not mean that I would have looked if it was someone in the 20s. I am not that kind, you know!

I raised my head from the newspaper when I felt her asking something. And the qn was “Which language is this?” . I told her that this is Malayalam, and was about to tell her that this is the language of the southernmost state of India, named Kerala, when she asked me “ Ohh .. so you are from Kerala? Very pleased to meet you.” I was kind of confused. She didn’t stop there.” …Kerala is a wonderful place. I have lived in Cochin for 7 years, my husband was in the Navy. One thing I have really noticed about Kerala is that everyone go to school. I was surprised to see little little children walking through the road with bag and water bottles, to school. Also, Keralites read well, they read newspaper daily. And I think these are the reasons, you people get jobs where ever you go. I have observed that employers in Gulf, UK, USA etc prefer your people than anyone else..”…… And then she repeated these sentences a few more times….

And also, she added that she was on her way to post a letter for her elder sister settled in Denmark, and one for her younger sis in England. Now you must be wondering why this lady settled in Bangalore, and not in Europe? This is the reason. Her destiny had a day in it, to make a typical mallu guy she meets on the road, happy and proud about his roots.

Wishing you good health and looong life Ma’m, YOU MADE MY DAY!!!

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