Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Sorry Mr.Moorthy , You wont make it!

It seems the thinking minds of my country are seeing the President post of India as a high profile corporate job, with requirements like High technical caliber and exposure, impeccable career history and above all a corporate air around. This is in response to Dr.Kalam’s comment that Mr.NarayanaMurthy, the Infy Mentor, will be an excellent candidate for the upcoming Presidential elections.

Many people say that President of India, is just like the King/Queen of Engalnd, all color and glamour but No Job. Indian Constitution has given many vital roles and duties to the President but they had hardly been used until a short, dark man called Kocheril Raman Narayanan re-wrote the pages of precedence with bold initiatives that made the omnipotent leaders of Indraprastha, think twice about giving him a second chance. But they were really reluctant to say this fact in public. It was then ,Mr.Mulayam Singh Yadav came ahead with Dr.Kalam’s name . I honestly think that Dr.Kalam was hailed to the superior position just because, both BJP and Congress needed a convincing reason to deny K.R.Narayanan , a second chance.

Being the President of India demands a lot of experience in the day2day governance of the country, parliamentary activities, Constitutional Precedence and above all, it demands a positive outlook and respect to the country , which is an embodiment of the thoghts and emotions of millions of the common men. And I genuinely believe that Mr. Murthy is not the one for this.

Dont ask me for an apology, i know what I am saying and I stick to it, so help me God!


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