Friday, July 6, 2007

Things I hate in my present life

1. The Mob-Peeper

I am on my bus, the bus is almost full and I am standing and then BEEP BEEP.. oh that is an SMS. With strain I pull my mobile out of my pocket and read the message, something that demands a reply, m trying to type with one hand, holding the overhead iron pole with the other, and here he comes.. the guy next to me badly wants to read the message I m typing. Hey, let me be honest, even i will give a try in such an occassion, but without the messager knowing it. But this particular guy is trying real hard to pull himself behind me, and look onto my screen. Huuuuuhhhhhh.....

I am irritated and I send the messgae. Hardly 30 secs. beep beep. This time when i type the reply, I add " One bastard is peeping into my message editor and so I will tell you later".

2. The ATM Circus

I am standing in a queue in front of an ATM, 7 people in front of me { Oh! My! god!}and almost 10 behind me{ oops, now i feel beeter }. Then a guy goes in, stand in front of the ATM for a few seconds[ as if paying homage to all pious souls who died to boredom in a queue like that,Amen] and starts searching all over his body for something.. Dont think wild, he is searching for his ATM Card, and he takes his own time to find it. Once he gets it [ Thank God he has one!], he will start the 8 step procedure.. he will take the money and will get out now.. laa laa laa. oh No!,he was just checking his balance.. again he starts with step 1.. here he goes, he takes money, counts it 7 times and get his balance statement, compares it with the one he had just before that and I think he is coming out atleast now.. laaa laa laaa.. oh No!!! He is again into the procedure, what?? He is again checking his balance, and then a comparitive study withh all three sheets in his hand, and finally quiet satisfied by the information that the amount he deposited has neither created nor destroyed among themselves, he is coming out and on his way back he gives a sweet smile as if saying " I am sorry for You..."

3.The Kaliedoscope

As a guy without a bike, and a salary not big enough to afford Taxis all the while, I am getting inside a BMTC bus, yes, the white and blue coloured Bus, with a brown tint shade all over.[ no, dats not dust, thats the make of the body]. Since there are many more guys and gals in the city with out a bike and with a small salary, the bus is full. And here comes a guy who is working with cement mortar in the ratio 3:7:5. I m not just guessing it, half of the mortar he made was there on his shirt and his pants. Also, he has with him 2 big spades, 3 iron rods and many stuff like that,half of which I am supposed to hold.I dont want to explain this in detail. I miss my homestate much, dats all I can say. No offence.

4.The AUTO-crats of the City

Gone are the days when we called for an auto and asked him to take to the place u want to go. I m waiting for an auto to reach Sivaj Nagar asap. Here comes an auto.." Aey Auto"...[ btw thats a hit movie in malayalam, laletaaaa.. u rock!].. Now begins the trial.. Where to go? why to go? Just the juncton or inside? Which route to take? .. it goes on. After the quiz, he is thinking so deep that even I feel something really messy about it. And after half a minute, with all credit to Devanand for the style, he turns his head and announces the verdict." No, i wont come".. oh I am heartbroke.....I badly wanted to go for a ride with him... Am i that bad???


hari said...

enthe nirhti poyo????????????

bekz said...

nice narration....

The Common Man said...

@ hari

May be you are very very new to blogosphere, questions like this with no intent and no content cant be comments, either avoid them , or better mail me those.


shinoobinte ikka, iniyum vaayikanam commentanum samayam kandethanam....