Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Bye Bye Dr.Kalam, You were Good, but not the Best!

I got this mail today morning
Dear Friends and Indians
We might be aware of the President election to be held by next month.The political parities are not allowing our APJ for his next tenure.
Do you know the reason for it?How will v know it?
V might not get time to think about these silly things.
V might have lot of engagements such as watching 'Sivaji' and meet our sweet hearts at the weekends.
But v can spare a bit of time , atleast to look thru dis mail and show our support to our honourable APJ.
All India Student association calls the strike on July 10 to support ourAPJ.If you protect our President from the vote politics, please supportthe strike on July 10th.Just inform to your school, college, office, factory and ask supportto your parents, friends, children's, teachers, relatives.He may/may not be our next president, but we must show to this vote beggars, WHAT THE PEOPLE THINKS.
Please pass this message to maximum number of people. This is the right time to show our unity, strength and power to this dirty politicians.
I am just wondering how people get carried away by senseless mails like this. I m sure it would have made a very long journey thorugh the wireless channels of Internet, from one Inbox to another and so on.But I'm also sure that 99% of those who send this will never try to understand how genuine the mail is and how effective the 'Strike' is going to be.

I haven't heared about All India Student Association and Google also couldnt help me find it.Fine, lets hope that it exists and is as big and efficient as the Assocoation of The Olympic Individual Gold Medalists of India.

None of the so called 'Support our APJ' mails have tried to explain why they consider Dr.Kalam as the best President ever. I think its because they dont know much about the previous Presidents. Atleast, about the immediate predecessor of Dr.Kalam. Yes, I do believe that late Mr. K R Narayanan was the Best Statesman ever to grace the Raisina Hills ever. Breaking many rotten stinky precedence, He displayed the Power and Honour of the Supreme Post of this country, both to his countrymen and the whole world. He was the only President to play the role of a neutral umpire, all through his tenure.And it was this display of character and identity, not of his personality, but of the Chair he occupied, that denied him a second chance.

Dr.Kalam also was good enough to be a neutral President but i think he can serve the nation in a better was as a scientist. Let him go back to his love-of-his-life, his technical career. Let us be thankful for all those Vison-2020s and Mission-2050s. But the post of the Prsident of India is not powerful enough to execute any of them. So let him go back to a post where he can start implementing all his Visions. Wish you good luck Your Excellency, Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam.


Anonymous said...

For your kind info, it was not KRN but R.Venkatraman who showed for the first time the power of the President by returning the Bill to increase MP's salaries when they tried to pass it just to make MP's happy. But both Venkatraman and Narayanan were political appointments but Kalam stood out for using his presidential power and stature by taking the presidency to the youth of the country.

The first three presidents were very learned men, scholars and greatly respected...Dr.Rajendra Prasad, Dr.Radhakrishnan and Dr. Zakir Hussain...then the presidency became a political contest which i hoped ended when Dr.Kalam became the president but thats clearly not the case with Prathibha Tai and Shekawat in the race this time.

jo said...

The dirty game of politics has deepened its roots even in the post of the supreme authority of our country. All this happened due to the loop holes we ourselves discovered in our constitutional mechanism which needs to be redefined. The concepts of real and nominal head are obsolete.We also saw for example the bill on "office of profit" was returned by prez Kalam, but it had to be passed the second time without any changes just becuase the law said so.hence, the exercise of presidential power just seemed meaningless. Thus, its not the Presidents who are to be blamed. It s the existing state of affairs which forces a president to be a rubber stamp. So, changes have to be implemented at the fundamental levels.

The Common Man said...

@ Jo dear and the Unnamed Person[ hey i really dont like anon comments or views ok?]

Commendable Comments! Rather than replyin you here, i think its worth a new blog. Plz wait for two more days!

Arvind Katoch said...

Dear common man, you may think that Abdul Kalam has not done anything specific or new for our nation but there are billions of people across the world, who disagrees with you. Dr Kalam has achieved a great name for himself in the history of Indian Presidents. He may not have enjoyed the powers of the political leaders however what he has achieved is much beyond even the thinking of these political leaders. For me he is a true India and for this I respect him. About some of his achievements you can read this article-