Sunday, June 10, 2007

MEC2k6 @ Bangalore!

It all started when a Smart/Fair/Good Looking Guy of my batch( Sandeep P & Mathew, you can decide between you!) posted a mail in our batch group, regarding the possibility and necessity of a Batch reunion. Venue was decided in a democratic way with Bangalore winning the right to host the 2007 Reunion of 2006 batch. Delegates from Cochin raised question regarding the authenticity of the verdict but in vein. So Bangalore it was going to be.

After a month long preparation and ground work, it was finalized a week before the proposed date: that the program was dropped! Oops! Can we expect a better start? But the macho Guys of MEC were not familiar with leaving something half done. So the whole program was rejuvenated in a matter of 3 days and we were going to do it, no matter how many attend or not attend!

The number of X-MEciaNs attending the event was as ambiguous as an engineer’s actual salary. [Hint: Different documents and mails say different numbers]. It started from around 70 and was dropping day by day and finally on that day, the Day decided by Destiny, in front of the resort, 45+ of us stood there as a bunch of cracks, ready to unleash the fire, the spirit, the devils inside Us. [ Am I sounding like a devil? I m just trying to build up the attitude and ambience. Bu.. Buha… BuHaHA]

No wonder we guys dint get enough time for a few descent drinks, We reached the place around 12.30 and Lunch was available till 2 only. And the Bar had some really weird price combinations. A beer for Rs.90 and a 2Ltr Pepsi for Rs.150!

Lunch was good. No more comments. I m not here to discuss about the chicken curry they made or about how Kootha kept on eating till 2.30 starting from 1. { Some people don’t change at all, isn’t it?]

Also I should mention that some traditions too won’t change. We used to have a cruel cold-blooded time-pass in hostel. Its called BUMPS world wide, Dr. McGregor called it KITA, but we used to call it Razza. It adapted the name from the famous song ‘ manmadha raaza’ but how/why? I don’t know. Those who know plz add it as comment. Anyway, the MECian way of expressing love was performed for all guys, one by one. Some guys accepted it, some guys were forced to accept it and a few of them were chased down too. But after all of the 30+ guys had their share, we all hade something in common. That great feeling of going back to the hostel. And ya, a really paining A**E too!

It was time for the POOL/POLO. Girls were asked to leave the premises as Studs like Thoma and Joykutty were bare-chested and we dint want an MMS Scandal in our Alma Mater’s name. After a few rounds in water, it was time for the Grand Polo match. What to say more? The Allied forces of Hyderabad+ Cochin + Chennai was mercilessly conquered by the Bangalore team. They have personally asked me not to mention the score-line and I respect that. The guy from that resort , who was helping us with getting the Ball from outside, had a real tough time, thanx to the Big Dumbo guy from Hyderabad for all those wonderful throws, all but one outside the pool. No prizes for guessing the name bekos all you have to do is pick one from the 3 big guys from HYD. Should I give you any clue? Ok, the choices are Amar, Youhan and.. oh No! I can’t give you the answer. The game also gave some really inspiring moments, the best one was Vijith fighting his life out to get the ball from Appunni’s clutches. Bravo Vijith! By the way, I heard that Vijith was taken straight to the Apollo Hospital after that, any updates?

People also found time to try their hands with Badminton, TT, Cricket, Golf and Football. Oh sorry, for football they tried their legs. [:-)]

Ok yaar, now that You were really patient to come this far, lemme brief the whole thing: I really had some reservations to go for the event not just because the number was quite less, it was also because many of my closer friends were not coming for it. But I am very happy to say that I really enjoyed the whole event. It was fun playing and shouting each other, after a long gap of almost 365 days. I mite sound childish to some, but there is a child in each one of us isn’t it? I really appreciate all those people who came from Chennai, Cochin and Hyderabad; you people took the real pain to travel up to Bangalore and then back. You deserve a special round of applause when we have people in Bangalore who were not willing to come.

Last , but not the Least, thanx Pillai and Mathew, I think you guys did a real good Job!!!

[ Now a small brunch of gossip: Pillai going to get a really good appraisal ths time, since he could arrange a business of about 25K for his senior in Mindtree. – Source: anonymous]


AGM said...

Well put jose, u were able to cover very well the whole days proceeding and bring out the humour in them also...well done dude...
but since u didnt come in the bus...u missed out all the leet ka'vaallee that happened ;)


sandeep said...

well said , josee !

AnuP Varghese said...

kidilan ...:)

Bhilai said...

You have been able to capture all that we did in those 9 to 10 hrs...Must read for everyone from our batch.

In between somewhere you have mentioned about the tradition of Razza that is followed very religiously in our college. I am not the person behind it, but just that it reminded me of the night I was explaining everyone in the hostel(we call it MH), that how we used to celebrate/express our love to someone on the day of his birthday in our school and somehow people liked it. I still remember Thata holding someone and giving the razza that day.

And about the 2 hanzome guys he mentioned about, they are the real Mecians, for all the effort they have put in to make it happen. Pillai and Mathew/Dude...

cOOL_aLIEN_fRM_mARS said...
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cOOL_aLIEN_fRM_mARS said...

didnt know you have a blog :P....

just read the one on reunion.....its too good.....makes me feel bad that i missed it....(i deleted the earlier comment due to HORRENDOUS spelling and grammer :P )