Monday, April 30, 2007

The best birthday Ever!!!!!

I Thank:

Miss.Vidhu Mariam George

Miss. Soumya R Krishnan

Miss. Parvathy

Mr. Tony Simon

Master. Jacob Mon

For the best birthday I ever had.........;-)

Luv you all...............................................................

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Sex Education in Schools... why?

I am just annoyed with the online-offline debates going on with regard to the proposed Sex Education in schools, and subsequent issues. The whole topic has been blown up into unwanted proportions, which benefits neither our children nor their education. I am not playing fiddle to either side of the argument, in fact I have questions for both groups- the ones who are for it, and the ones who are against it.

Let me ask all those young minds with modern attitude and broad vision- Is this the grave concern that our students have at this point of time? What changes can we expect once our secondary students are taught in class, about the ‘sensitive’ matter, about which, I am sure, majority of them will be proficient enough much before that.[ Come on yaar , even I passed the age a few years back, and so do You!]. And if this helps in maintaining the moral side of a generation, what justification can you give for the rising number of teenage abortions, unmarried mothers and hostile relationships of the developed countries of Europe and North America? But none of them are taboos from hell, in those countries. What about us?

I still remember my 10th standard Biology text book. We too had two pages of a topic which was supposed to be a primitive Sex Ed but was handled in very different manner. The topic before this was regarding fertilization in a flower. After that, my teacher just glanced through the page and said casually “ Now the rest, you people can read and understand”. What was she expecting us to read and understand, at such an innocent age of 15? [ LOL]

Why to embarrass our teachers like that? To compel them to describe in detail, about something they consider as sacred and not-to-be-discussed, is not fair. Let us hand over that duty to our parents. Who else can be as free as a father or mother, to a kid? No I am not just giving a vague suggestion; I am suggesting this because I know it works. Or, in other words, it worked for me. I am thankful to my Appa and Amma for the fact that I never had to stare wondering at adz, to distinguish between a Condom and a Sanitary Napkin, and I am always proud to say that! Let us ask our parents to handle the delicate Issue.

Now a word for the silly political clowns: We all know that it is not because of the concern for the social morality that all of you are so eager to respond to the issue. Get some other topics to reap your votes, and Let experts handle this. You are playing around with the future of this country. Be careful!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Sorry Mr.Moorthy , You wont make it!

It seems the thinking minds of my country are seeing the President post of India as a high profile corporate job, with requirements like High technical caliber and exposure, impeccable career history and above all a corporate air around. This is in response to Dr.Kalam’s comment that Mr.NarayanaMurthy, the Infy Mentor, will be an excellent candidate for the upcoming Presidential elections.

Many people say that President of India, is just like the King/Queen of Engalnd, all color and glamour but No Job. Indian Constitution has given many vital roles and duties to the President but they had hardly been used until a short, dark man called Kocheril Raman Narayanan re-wrote the pages of precedence with bold initiatives that made the omnipotent leaders of Indraprastha, think twice about giving him a second chance. But they were really reluctant to say this fact in public. It was then ,Mr.Mulayam Singh Yadav came ahead with Dr.Kalam’s name . I honestly think that Dr.Kalam was hailed to the superior position just because, both BJP and Congress needed a convincing reason to deny K.R.Narayanan , a second chance.

Being the President of India demands a lot of experience in the day2day governance of the country, parliamentary activities, Constitutional Precedence and above all, it demands a positive outlook and respect to the country , which is an embodiment of the thoghts and emotions of millions of the common men. And I genuinely believe that Mr. Murthy is not the one for this.

Dont ask me for an apology, i know what I am saying and I stick to it, so help me God!

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

The Stolen Blog..............

This blog has been lifted shamelessly yet again from Aswins's.This poor blogger has finally run out of topics to blog about (not really tho.. ;)) and has confined himself to an occasional original blog but is usually content with stealing tags from random pages from across blogosphere.

This particular one is an mixture of sorts...

Three things I am passionate about
1. MohanLal
2. Homely Food
3. My Family

Three things that scare me
1. Infamy
2. The thought of doing a Job I don't like, for a life time
3. Death[ " is there a bigger threat?" asks Col. Nathan R. Jessep[Jack Nicholson] in 'A Few Good Men'...]

Three people who make me laugh
1. Jagathy Sreekumar
2. MohanLal
3. Kunjamma[ a virtual friend of mine..:-)]

Three things I love
1. My mother toungue
2. Spicy Food
3. Music

Three things I hate
1. Someone trying to establish that I am useless[ Truth pains at times!]
2. Me being asked to explain my jokes
3. Being compelled to say 'Yes, I do' when i want to say " Yeahh, I really do!!" [Ha ha.. i caught you on the wrong foot na?]

Three things I don't understand
1. When 50% of my friends treat me as a brother, why should the gals too follow that?
2. Why , majority of my classmates misinterpreted each and every sentence I spoke?
3. What am I doing here??[ Now you know where I am right now na?]

Three things I am doing right now
1. Trying my all luck to log into Orkut, through known and unknown proxy sites.
2. Addicted to Wikipedia big time, these days.
3. Downloading some malayalam film songs.

Three things I want to achieve b4 I die
1. Padhma Sree
2. Padhma Bhushan
3. Padhma Vibhushan

and finally : Bharat Rathna [ even if posthumous!.. am I too ambitious??]

Three things you should listen to
1. Late Raveendran's Masterpieces
2. Fire-Spitting dialogues of Mohanlal-Renjith
3. Me.... I am a very effectice Councellor!

Three things you should never listen to
1. Himesh Reshammiah[ I dont care if I spelt it wrong]
2. Your inlaws
3. Kiran TV Anchors

Three things you should feel
1. Thrisoor Pooram
2. Alleppey Blue DIamond's Ganamela
3."Kallu + Kappa+ KakkaIrachi" combo

Three places you should go
3.Kuttomburam [ T0 maintain the rhyme :), its a very famous toddy shop in Kottayam]

Three places I want to go
1. Manasasarovar,Kailasam
2.Andaman & Nicobar
3. Amazon River

Three things I'd like to learn
1. The Holy Quran
2. To interpret Minds
3. Hindusthani Music[ " Sangeetham padikkenam enna mohavumayi chennu keriyathu...."]

Three favourite books
1. Khasakhinte Ithihaasam
2. oru Deshathinte Kadha
3. Malayala Manorama Weekly[ Can I call it a book?]

Three favourite food
1. Fish[inland lake fish]-Any type, any preparation
2. My mom's special Beef Fry
3. I have a real sweet toungue too!

Three beverages I drink regularly
1. Tea- one of my addictions I am proud of
2. Toddy[ Nalla Thengin Kallinte Manam, Ruchi- Ayyada Maname!]
3. Beer- " I am better when I am drunk..:P"